Maho Girls Precure the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation of Cure Mofurun! (+Special)

Smug Mofurun is best Mofurun.

Pre-Movie Special:
MKV (1080): Torrent | DDL
MKV (720): Torrent | DDL

MKV (1080): Torrent | DDL
MKV (720): Torrent | DDL

This is the last bit of Maho Girls until the Dream Stars movie comes out on DVD/BD sometime in the Summer so that’s pretty much a wrap folks. I’m terribly sorry about the batch taking forever (a sentiment I’m sure our tokusatsu followers share) since I sort have been neglecting to finish encoding and uploading the v2 files. That will happen this week for sure.

Movie Notes:
For this movie we went with our batch style and used “Liko”.

“I am a bearer of doom”: This horrid pun runs on the fact that the word for bear (kuma) and devil (akuma) have only one sound difference. We preserved the pun in a way that still makes him sound menacing which also aligns with how his backstory goes really.

“Foulrodo”: The original name of this fruit is yanaoni which is a slight jumble of ya na nio(i) which means “foul odor/smelly”.


    1. You’d have to edit the script (which we provided) so that every instance of “Liko” is “Riko”. You can open the script in most basic word editing programs for something that simple.

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