“Will you sub ______?”

We have an idea or two for projects after GoGoV, but we’d like to focus on one or two projects at a time. So if we do another project afterwards, we probably won’t announce it until a release is ready. We like having a decent backlog of releases in case life gets rough for any of the group members.

“How long does it take to sub an episode?”

This really depends on the motivation and availability of our members. An episode might take 1-3 days. This doesn’t necessarily mean an episode is ready for release, but the translation and initial edits would be done.

“How can I help?”

We actually have enough staff right now, but you can also help by letting us know if we made any mistakes in our subs. Translation mistakes take immediate priority if there are any, but if you just find typos or something you can still tell us so we can fix it for the eventual batch release.


  1. glad you have DDL links for your files, someone keeps messing with Nyaa and its pissin me off, hope your contniung with Maho Girls Precure its so awesome

    1. Not really. As of right now we’ve subbed

      Dynasaur Squad Abaranger
      Rescue Squad GoGoV
      Maho Girls Precure

      And a few one-off movies. We’ve also done DISK Wars Avengers under the Marvelous Heroes name.

  2. Hi, could you upload batch scripts of Rescue Squad GoGoV?
    Rescue Squad GoGoV 01-25+Movie only link that still alive.

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