Maho Girls Precure Batch

MKV: Torrent | DDL Folder
MP4: Torrent | DDL Folder
Script | Notes | Font

Well, after a good month of on/off editing and distractions, we bring you the entirety of Maho Girls Precure: in batch form! Some notable edits include:

-Fixing the pronoun issues regarding Dokurokushe and Mofurun in the earlier episodes.
-Typo fixes.
-Some terminology changes (addressed in the translation note file if you’re curious).

For those just getting the scripts, I’ve added the fonts we use to the rar, so all you have to do is install them (if you don’t already have them). This is the font we use in all of our releases, so if you have this installed, then you’re pretty much set for us. I’ve added a link to the fonts for anyone who isn’t getting the scripts, but still wants it.


  1. Let me be the first to thank you. You have done a wonderful job and a great service to the community. While you may not realize, your selfless act brough joy to many people. You will be missed. Thank you.

  2. I’ll second DmonHiro’s sentiments – thank you very much and great job. Not a big deal, but I was curious if there was any chance for a patch.

  3. Will also add my voice to the thanks … Mahoutsukai for me was definitely one of my favorite of all the PreCure series (just a nitnoid behind HeartCatch for the top slot), and I thank you for seeing the project through to the end, going through the trouble to batch it as well and contributing to the English fansub base for the PreCure franchise as a whole. Perhaps a “small thing”, but one for which many are thankful. ^^

  4. The MP4 DDL folder link doesn’t seem to be working. I loved your work on Maho Girls and can’t wait for your next Toku release!

      1. I thought I’d wait a day or so and try again and it still won’t work for me. It just takes me to my dashboard

  5. Fact: episode 25 in your .MKV batch has a wrong name, it should have ] at the end, but doesn’t.
    Opinion: also, you probably shouldn’t have put the 720p movie there.

  6. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on all of this. I really enjoyed your subs of this. There is, however, one more thing that is missing. And that is the Pretty Cure All-Stars movie. As per a recent yearly tradition in my home, I will be showing this to my mother starting around the middle of next month. And as things currently stand, the All-Stars movie will be the only time in which Liko will be referred to as Riko. I would like to know your plans regarding a batch-worthy copy of this, thank you very much.

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