GoGoV is Now Licensed (+Update)

It has been brought to our attention that GoGoV has officially been licensed by Shout Factory. As such, we will be taking down the links to the DDLs and torrents from our blog.

I wish to personally apologize to the people who have been more than patient with us, as it was due to my lack of motivation and interest in working on the batch for this show for months and months on end. I haven’t felt any kind of drive to work on any projects so I am unsure when, and even if, we will come back with another show. It isn’t looking likely at the moment.

Maho Girls Precure Batch

MKV: Torrent | DDL Folder
MP4: Torrent | DDL Folder
Script | Notes | Font

Well, after a good month of on/off editing and distractions, we bring you the entirety of Maho Girls Precure: in batch form! Some notable edits include:

-Fixing the pronoun issues regarding Dokurokushe and Mofurun in the earlier episodes.
-Typo fixes.
-Some terminology changes (addressed in the translation note file if you’re curious).

For those just getting the scripts, I’ve added the fonts we use to the rar, so all you have to do is install them (if you don’t already have them). This is the font we use in all of our releases, so if you have this installed, then you’re pretty much set for us. I’ve added a link to the fonts for anyone who isn’t getting the scripts, but still wants it.

Maho Girls Precure the Movie: The Miraculous Transformation of Cure Mofurun! (+Special)

Smug Mofurun is best Mofurun.

Pre-Movie Special:
MKV (1080): Torrent | DDL
MKV (720): Torrent | DDL

MKV (1080): Torrent | DDL
MKV (720): Torrent | DDL

This is the last bit of Maho Girls until the Dream Stars movie comes out on DVD/BD sometime in the Summer so that’s pretty much a wrap folks. I’m terribly sorry about the batch taking forever (a sentiment I’m sure our tokusatsu followers share) since I sort have been neglecting to finish encoding and uploading the v2 files. That will happen this week for sure.

Movie Notes:
For this movie we went with our batch style and used “Liko”.

“I am a bearer of doom”: This horrid pun runs on the fact that the word for bear (kuma) and devil (akuma) have only one sound difference. We preserved the pun in a way that still makes him sound menacing which also aligns with how his backstory goes really.

“Foulrodo”: The original name of this fruit is yanaoni which is a slight jumble of ya na nio(i) which means “foul odor/smelly”.

Maho Girls Precure 50

Episode 50
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Sayonara, girls.

Batch to come in the coming weeks. Doing a weekly show comes with risks and the gender games in this show were difficult in the early episodes.

malicious/mah licious”: The joke in the episode (that the visual aid helps to explain) is that the remnant of Dokurokushe is saying the English word “yummy” but the girls had thought he was saying the Japanese word yami (), or darkness. Mirai helpfully explains that yummy is the English translation for oishii (one of the translations of it anyway). In our script we had her explain that ‘mah licious’ is referring to ‘my (de)licious sweets’. Also, it sounds like ‘my precious’, so I couldn’t resist.

Where We Go From Here: A Status Update


Hello boys and girls. It has come to my attention that quite a few of our followers do not follow us on our other pages so I figured I would make a formal blog post update. I don’t normally do this, but I’m getting a… staggering amount of questions. Some of which I’ve answered. Multiple times. Such as…

1.) Will you guys be doing Kirakira Precure A la Mode?

No.We will NOT be picking up the next show. No one on staff is really all that interested in working on it. However, we will be subbing the Dream Stars movie when it hits DVD/BD sometime this summer.

2.) Will you guys be doing the Maho Girls movie?

Duh. It comes out on BD at the beginning of March, so expect it then~fluff.

3.) What happened to PGSM?

As of this moment, it is on indefinite hiatus as other projects are more of an immediate concern. Part of the reason is that it has no less than 3 complete sets of subs for it. I personally recommend Sea of Serenity’s set.

4.) What’s your next Sentai project?

I’m pretty sure it’s the worst kept secret in existence, so yeah, I’ll admit it’s Hurricanger. No, it’s not anywhere near ready for release. No, I will NOT be releasing it until we have a backlog ready like we did for Abaranger and GoGoV. I also cannot give you a time frame. Things are about to get… turbulent, to say the least, irl for a few reasons.

5.) Do you have any other projects you’re working on?

Yes and no. We’ve got like 1 or 2 one-offs at the moment, and some ideas of another project, but for now we’re going to focus on batching our old shows and working on Hurri.