Maho Girls Precure 50

Episode 50
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Sayonara, girls.

Batch to come in the coming weeks. Doing a weekly show comes with risks and the gender games in this show were difficult in the early episodes.

malicious/mah licious”: The joke in the episode (that the visual aid helps to explain) is that the remnant of Dokurokushe is saying the English word “yummy” but the girls had thought he was saying the Japanese word yami (), or darkness. Mirai helpfully explains that yummy is the English translation for oishii (one of the translations of it anyway). In our script we had her explain that ‘mah licious’ is referring to ‘my (de)licious sweets’. Also, it sounds like ‘my precious’, so I couldn’t resist.


  1. At first I thought, ‘wow, that’s some super bowl commercial.’
    Then I realized Japan doesn’t do that. And then further realized, wrong Sunday.

    Making the world wonder ‘what the hell?’ since 1982

  2. man, they really didn’t need to do this episode, with it just being one giant advertisement for the new series (ep. 49 ended on a great note). Though, does this mean that kiramo is in the same world? ;P Thanks for working on this throughout the year!

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