Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003) 01

Ooooh, shiny.

Ooooh, shiny.

Episode 01
MKV: Torrent | DDL

I NEED TO STRESS THIS: This isn’t affecting Abaranger in any way, shape or form. This was one of our planned projects, but with the dawn of Crystal on the horizon, we wanted to do something special, so I guess we can consider this a fun 4th of July release. We WILL continue the series, but only after Abaranger is done and over. That said, enjoy Sailor Moon: in toku form!

Episode 01 Notes:
This series really doesn’t require notes, but I wanted to address something here for the episode. Normally, our policy for honorifics is to translate them accordingly, or to drop them. But here for PGSM, we decided to leave -chan, because one character’s development hinges on what honorific she uses to call her friends. In a series like Abaranger, this doesn’t matter as much, but here it’s kind of important.

On the fun side of things, we finally solved our overscan issue, so to our friends watching our subs on their TVs: the problem should be fixed starting with this release.

See you guys in a few days for more Aba!