1. @T, On most fansub sites you can be banned for asking “when will x be out?” Please remember producing these fansubs is a *hobby* that can consume similar amounts of time to building radio-controlled model aircraft from scratch. Each episode can represent an investment of a dozen hours or more between the team members.

      1. @Jim so sorry, I’m new to fan sites and didn’t know, I would had deleted it but it’s not giving me an option to do so, I originally wanted to know when the next episode would be since it was way overdue and now almost a month due, if the subber is reading this then please disregard my comment and accept my apology 😢

      2. @T, You should direct your apology to MilkyDreamer and the crew, not to myself. Although I’m one of the staff at another site, on here I’m just another fan.

    1. I think Milkydreaner;s opening comment actually stems from a much older work that the then teen-aged Judy Garland sung in a 1939 movie adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”: youtube.com/watch?v=PSZxmZmBfnU

    1. Oh come on, they’ve had longer delays than this. Look at the release history. Just relax and the episodes will come out when they’re ready.

    2. It wasn’t so much dropped as the anime itself disappeared from all TV around the world and the NSA has now found a way to stop all fansubbing whenever people complain about a little delay in some damn hard work by people who give up a lot of their free time to be NICE to fellow fans.

      Fight the power cause I have it

  1. I haven’t seen any episode since 31. I can’t find anything after that on any websites except fake streaming websites. Was there mayne a cease and decease from the company making the show?

    1. I’m unaware of any action by Toei animation along those lines. The raws and Japanese closed caption scripts continue to become available.a few hours after broadcast in Japan (For those watching it streamed live on a KeyholeTV alternative, it’s in the 4:30-5:00 PM timeslot Pacific Daylight time (GMT+8) on Saturdays)

      1. (that’s in my local time zone – it translates to 8:30 – 9:00 AM Sunday mornings on the Asahi TV netwok in Japan)

      2. Awesome. I was starting to get worried because I was having trouble finding the big series line Dragon Ball Super or the Precure series and movies. Same goes with some tv shows, comics animated series. I know copyright laws are killing us slowly but that was never the case for anime as I’ve always heard that fansub was tolerated as it helped promoting shows, as long as subbing stopped in the country where a license was purchased.

        Good to hear they’re at least not raining on this parade !

      3. thankfully the raws of this show are still coming. Right now, while waiting for the subs.. I just use my preschool level japanese to understand some bits of the conversations.

  2. It’ll probably be done in batches like other periods. However, I do kinda miss the more consistent releases from Doremi.

  3. The live-streamed version of episode 38 has changed the ending yet again, appearing to utilize the ED to advertise the upcoming movie that opens in Japanese theaters on October 29.

      1. They have come, check [anon] realease on nyaa.se, I’ve just seen episode 38. I understand though why one would drop it, it’s terrible. Bad guys get defeated one after the other in less than 5 episodes. First season I see where the Big Boss is killed less than half-way through and then a whole new menace appears that actually use the bones of the bad buy to try and defeat them (How many legs and arms can one bad guy have? Is he a human centipede?). And he gets defeated and then another bad guy appear in the sun and his first general lasts like 5 episodes…

  4. Re: “Liko” twitter comment: i recommend against a global search / replace. A single typeset in episode 40 has been the *only* place her name has been romanized with an “L”. Because “L” does not appear in the Japanese phonetic kana, it would force the use of the Western alphabet to represent her name for the seiyuu (voice acting specialist) credits at the end. Since this has not occurred in 42 episodes (41 on TV plus the movie) one must assume the banner is a typo, and her name is actually the much more common “Riko”.

    The report cards for the supplementary classes at the season start (Ep 5 @ 8:08, Ep 6 @ 21:24, Ep 7 @ 21:47) all used an “R” when they were shown onscreen

    1. If you want to go that route, then what about merchandise? Is there anything to contradicts the use of L? From the pictures I’ve seen, they use the L in their romanizations. Add to the fact that her family has a variety of “L” names (as described in the next post).

      More than likely, this is a similar scenario to Rio/Lio in Gekiranger where his Japanese name is actually Rio in kanji, but for the majority of the show, it’s written in katakana to show his name as Lio (because his spirit is of a lion).

      Lico is probably her name in the magic world, but uses “Riko” since its a common Japanese name and no one would really question it.

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