Future Squad Timeranger vs GoGoV

[Imagination Station] Future Squad Timeranger vs GoGoV [634D41C8].mkv_snapshot_11.39_[2016.08.29_00.19.21]

Time vs GoGoV
MKV: Torrent | DDL

And now: something that should have been out months ago but due to the same circumstances that held Maho Girls back, is only now coming down the pipe. Let us all journey back to the distant days of the year 2000 and see how our favorite rescue soldiers are doing.


    1. Yes, we’ve already started on it. However, don’t expect anything for a bit. As Precure has shown, finding time to work is something of a premium and MahoPre is our top priority.

      1. I believe in the saying good things comes to those who wait, besides you guys do great work and you can’t rush great work least your ok with a lot of mistakes

  1. Is this the sentai-related project you were talking about when you released the final episodes of GoGo-V? Or is it something else coming later? Don’t need to say what it is, just want to know if this is what you were talking about.

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