Maho Girls Precure 24-29

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Episode 24
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Episode 25
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Episode 26
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Episode 27
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Episode 28
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Episode 29
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We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


Episode 27 Notes
-Sunshine Clementines: It’s a rhyming pun off of pikaan mikan, where pikaan is something that sparkles.

-Mugic: Rabu’s brand of mystic power comes from “muhou”, rather than “mahou”, which is written in katakana. Since we have no kanji to base this off of, we figured the word is meant to use “mu” (nothingness). Since that’s an easily search-able term, we left it as mugic. There also might be a pun in which the word “muhou (lawless)” could be argued due to Deusmast’s motives, but since we don’t have much information at this point to clarify that, we took the safest option.

-Manicovettor: The new monsters that Rabu can create out of mugic are Donyokubaru. Continuing the desire motif, these new monsters take their name from donyoku (greed) and yokubaru (to covet/lust after). To build off the translated name, we went with a portmanteau of manic and covet. The name is meant to convey one that is obsessed with their desires to the point of frenzy. As a cute nod to the pun, we’ve also translated the affirmation this monster does (gatte~n!) as “a-greed!”.

-TAMAYA: Mirai explains that this is a common thing to shout out during a firework show, and there’s a reason for that. What this essentially boils down to is that, during the Edo period, fireworks got really popular and the Tamaya family dominated the industry at the time. So when people shout this, it’s at a really good fireworks display. Another variant with similar origin is KAGIYA, from the rival Kagiya group.

Episode 28 Notes
-Popcoyaki: While this is explained in the dialogue, the pokopokoyaki are takoyaki that pop in your mouth. Riko’s explanation didn’t have the popcorn example, but I took her follow up line to ad lib one in for the pun to make sense.

-Carriah: The pun here is that the bird’s name is Denpopo, which comes from the word denpo (telegram). The bird is named after what it essentially does, which delivers telegrams. We opted for Carriah to pun off of carrier, as in carrier pigeon.

Episode 29 Notes
-Hanasaku Ojiisan: This is a fairytale in Japan concerning an old man that made flowers bloom upon withered and dead trees. You may also know him as Elder Bloom in Yokai Watch’s localization.

-The mouse puns: Mirai and Kotoha are ending their sentences with “dechuu” (squeak), a common way Japanese writers convey that their character is, in fact, a mouse. You rodent want to know how agonizing it was to bend over backwards for some of these.

-Ball/brawl: The joke here is that Gamets thinks the ball (butoukai) is a martial arts tournament (budoukai).


  1. @Milkydreamer, In the episode 27 notes you wrote “Since we have no kanji to base this off of, we figured the word is meant to use “mu” (nothingness).”

    For this series at least, that “no kanji” part is not quite true since the Japanese closed-caption script becomes available at

    a mere half hour after the Japanese broadcast completes at 5PM Saturday afternoon Pacific Daylight Time.[GMT-8] (several hours before the raws get posted to bitTorrent)

  2. Any idea when your other project might see the light of day? Even if it’s half the normal load, it’s better than nothing.

    1. See, I haven’t subbed ANYTHING in those weeks of dead air between Maho batches. Our other project is only a couple of episodes into translation because of this and I refuse to release those on principle because I rather have a sizable backlog to draw from so we don’t have episode droughts that would be longer than the ones for Maho Girls due to irl issues.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t know because you don’t provide updates on all projects. It is a Super Sentai series? Either way I’m sure that it will be worth the wait.

  3. They seemed to have a lot more fun with this Cinderella spoof than Smile! did.

    Also, nice going on the mouse puns.


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