Precure All-Stars the Movie ~ Everybody Sing! Miraculous Magic!

[CG] PreCure All Stars - Singing with Everyone♪ Miraculous Magic! [1080P] [C251242B].mkv_snapshot_01.02.04_[2016.07.31_22.59.00]

MKV: Torrent | DDL

For those wondering where 24-25 (and now 26 I guess) are, I’m making progress on 24. I just had more drive to work on this more. Haha.

ANYWAY, for this movie: it’s wonderful and I enjoyed working on it. Translating musicals are a pain in the ass though. >.> Hope you guys and gals enjoy!

“Colton”: The horse in the story is named Umakichi, which is just the word “horse” with a typical name ending tacked on. Since it isn’t plot relevant I decided to localize the name to Colton, because well… colt. Marey also works I guess. The point is that this kid in the story is a horse.


  1. good work as always. will you do a 720p version? if not will the subs work on the available 720p torrent file?

  2. Was a little hesitant goin’ in but came out havin’ fun.
    Also, the gal who voiced Sorciere, Seiko Niizuma, got a voice on her.

    Marble Screw!

  3. This is great, but one question – any chance of getting a hold of the NC versions in relation to this movie? Especially in regards to the ED here.

      1. I meant if you still have plans to get the NC versions subbed too. No pressure, of course, but it would be awesome.

  4. no wonder why 24 & 25 hasnt up yet.. now i’m waiting for 26.. been watching raws when you are doing your moving.. T_T

  5. Strange, anyone else have any luck w mp4 ddl on a mobile device? I have the mega app & it’s there in Mega’s download & offline folder but it doesn’t play w anything. Trying to torrent it now instead…..

  6. Since I don’t really use Facebook, I’ll leave a reply here.

    Best of luck with real life and that new job. Life can be pretty tough to manage, no doubt about that.

    Although I do think throwing up an occasional message would save you getting questions of whether you are alive or not XD. People can be silly, but when things go silent for 2+ weeks, I’m sure some people get curious if things are ok.

    Some of it might cross the line, but I think in general it’s understandable where people are coming from. Being busy isn’t a crime, but it never hurts to keep people in the loop.

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