Rescue Squad GoGoV 49-50

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 50 [F7FEBD5B].mkv_snapshot_23.18_[2016.05.25_09.56.06]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episodes of rescue soldiers… It’s the finale! Grandiene brings her final plan into motion to destroy humanity once and for all while our heroes try and rescue as many people as they can from the disaster she leaves behind in her wake. When all hope seems lost, an unexpected event turns the tides and the siblings make their last stand, with their Earth and everyone they love at stake. Can they win the day and destroy Grandiene for good? Watch and find out!


    1. Sadly its one of those things where we sort of want to do PGSM more, but it’s sooooooo low on our priority list (because it has no less than THREE sets of subs) that it might as well be on hiatus until we finish everything else we would like to do.

      1. I noticed that, just the sudden appearance of all the PGSM subs after Crystal was released. Stick to priorities, it makes your life easier. 🙂

      1. I use TV Nihon because their file sizes are lower for long term storage. While they aren’t as fast as Over Time, they have alternate series to watch. Gekiranger was a little weird for me, but it was good.

    1. Go to TV Nihon and they have everything from Dekaranger to Jyuohger. The also have the Kamen Riders that came out at the same time.

      1. Everyone hates Tv-Nihon, who would watch from them if they have an alternative. And it’s Zyuohger, no ‘J’

  1. if I had to place a guess I would honestly say it must be hurricangers, also cant wait to see the gogov vs time rangers at a latter date, once we have hurricangers subbed we have all post zyu except for ot doing timerangers, all subbed, keep up the good work and awesome now I have something to watch tonight after work

  2. Another Super Sentai checked off my list, that makes nineteen! Thanks for all your hard work, and good luck on your next project.

  3. Thanks and good job for completing on GoGoV. I honestly never expect any fansub group able to finish but you guys did. Mission complete and Awesome!

    1. A batch will be done, yes. I have no functional date to give you since I haven’t started looking through the episodes again though. I don’t FORSEE many episodes needing v2s, but stranger things have happened.

  4. Rewatched the end of Lightspeed Rescue and preferred it because we got to see the loss of the Aqua Base. I also found Diabolico’s revenge to better than Grandine just dying in space. The last two GoGoV’s were good but the end was too short because the final mech fight ended with three slashes of a sword and not much else. I also found it strange that the Max Robo didn’t absorb the energy sent its way or had an explanation to why it couldn’t.

    1. Though it was kind of weird that they kept the shot of Grandiene exploding in space in the episode right before Lightspeed Rescue’s finale…

      1. Yeah but that is one of those odd Power Ranger issues in using archive footage. The worst I’ve seen was in Lost Galaxy when you see Gouki near the about to fall power line. It was the blue ranger crush episode.

  5. Thank you so much, guys, for the journey. I always wanted to watch GoGo V in a good quality and good subbs, I can’t find even in Portuguese. So, I’ve practice my English and watch one of my top 10 sentais. Thank you, again.
    Patrick, from Brazil!

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