Maho Girls Precure 14

[Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 14 [34BAAA0E].mkv_snapshot_03.54_[2016.05.17_05.56.41]

Episode 14
MKV: Torrent | DDL

On today’s miraculous and magical adventure, Mirai learns how to maths. 15 is being worked on. Apologies for the wait.



  1. sorry to ask again, is this ep14 mkv 10-bit or not?

    since ep01-12, I dl the mkv & can play it on my samsung tablet.

    but last ep13 mkv, it cannot play on my samsung tablet.

    if yes the mkv is 10-bit, then I have to dl the mp4 ver.

    the reason I dl the mkv is since it torrent, & the mp4 are only on mega.

    also if anyone can clarify this, please reply/post comment.


    1. The episodes have been 10-bit since episode 1.
      I just checked.
      So I’d say it is a problem with your tablet.

      When the moon hits your eye

  2. Hi there!
    Can you reupload the Script files for Episodes 1-7?
    I tried to download them, but SendSpace tells, that the files have been deleted.
    Many thanks for the subs. 🙂

    1. If you get MKVToolNix (and a decent GUI like MKVcleaver, don’t bother using the pack-in MKVExtractGUI2), you can extract them from the .mkv’s yourself.

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