1. sorry to ask again, is this ep14 mkv 10-bit or not?

    since ep01-12, I dl the mkv & can play it on my samsung tablet.

    but last ep13 mkv, it cannot play on my samsung tablet.

    if yes the mkv is 10-bit, then I have to dl the mp4 ver.

    the reason I dl the mkv is since it torrent, & the mp4 are only on mega.

    also if anyone can clarify this, please reply/post comment.


    1. The episodes have been 10-bit since episode 1.
      I just checked.
      So I’d say it is a problem with your tablet.

      When the moon hits your eye

  2. Hi there!
    Can you reupload the Script files for Episodes 1-7?
    I tried to download them, but SendSpace tells, that the files have been deleted.
    Many thanks for the subs. 🙂

    1. If you get MKVToolNix (and a decent GUI like MKVcleaver, don’t bother using the pack-in MKVExtractGUI2), you can extract them from the .mkv’s yourself.

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