Rescue Squad GoGoV 47

You, by the end of this.

You, by the end of this.

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

In this episode of rescue soldiers, the endgame ramps up as Dinus makes one final gambit to bring her brother back from the grave. Enjoy guys and gals!


  1. stop the reblogging crap………..why make duplicate of imagination station page…post w/pic and links….. probably make money if people visit (click) your site

  2. This was a sad episode because we don’t get many female villains with so much power. Dinus seemed like the kind of woman that would want to hear about your problems before insulting you for being pathetic.

  3. were almost done, so excited to see another sentai complete, wonder what your next sub project will be or was the tweet a hint as to what will be next?

      1. the hurricanger tweet, how he loves the stage acting of there sounding off to there nemesis before battle, at least here is hoping that hes (or she) is doing that next or thinking of it, not gonna be the pest that we all know that hounds the sub sites but it is curious to say the least, and hey if it is the next project cool it would pretty much round out the post saban sentai series to getting subbed

      2. If you are doing Hurricanger that is cool because the HK version is hard to watch, but at least the dialogue is decent enough to go by for subbing.

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