Maho Girls Precure 11

There's a difference?

There’s a difference?

Episode 11
MKV: Torrent | DDL

On today’s magical misadventure: Mirai and Riko settle in from learning charms and spells and get ready to attend school in the Muggle world. Also something about a certain magical railgun or something.

Episode 11 Notes:
Charms” – The joke here is that when Grandma tells the story to Mirai’s parents, she claims she misheard Mirai saying mahou (magic) as sahou (manners/etiquette). Considering it’s a pain in the ass to find something to make the mishearing joke work (especially with the visual aid Mirai provides), we opted for substituting the word charm, as it applies both to social graces and magic spells and turned the joke into one of misunderstanding rather than mishearing. Though, if you really wanted to go the mishearing route, you could also go for mana/manner if you were so inclined. We just thought Charms was cuter.

“Roothaven” – The town’s name this season is Tsunagi, written with the kanji 津成木, which if you take it apart is “port”, “growth/reach (among others)” and “tree”. The town is basically a central hub of sorts where different places are linked via routes like… well, roots. And the word tsunagi by itself means “link”.

“Your plan is, like those dresses, half-baked!” – Gamets is making a joke out of the word 甘い (amai). It means both “sweet” and “amateur” depending on the context. We went with a slight dessert spin on it.

The preview – The joke of the preview is that both Mirai and Riko are spouting nonsense. Riko because she’s basically making up the names of stars for one reason or another, and Mirai is flubbing her way through tongue-twisters.


  1. Hey, do you think you could possibly translate the little bits during the end drawing sections, since they seems to change every week based on the episode (a cute touch!) I know it might be a pain to set so even if you just tossed it here in the release post, I’d love to see it.

    Of course, there’s no obligation or anything! I was just wondering – sorry if it’s been brought up before. Thank you guys for your hard work. I really appreciate you taking the time to handle all the wordplay. I love how punny this season has been so far!

    1. In the episode 11 drawings, the girls appear to be saying “They wanted to take the drawings to school too”. The left drawing is credited to Mio (age 5) from Toyama, the right one credited to Satono (age 7) from Hyougo. The line at the extreme top is just fancy romaji (in a difficult-to-read calligraphy font) “Aregato Mio Satono” (Thank you Mio, Satono)

      1. PS: Add the six “dialogue” lines below to the end of the script file to add typesetting to the drawings image at the end of Episode 11. (in case word-wrap splits them up here, each active script line in that section starts with the keyword “Dialogue:”, and must not be split across lines)

        Although I have several fonts that more closely follow the style used, I used Arial because it appears to already be available to everyone.

        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&HB6E0B8&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(185,130)}Thank you
        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&HB6E0B8&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(609,130)}Mio
        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&HB6E0B8&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(905,130)}Satono
        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&H00000000&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(112,294)\frz15.56}They wanted to\Ntake the drawings\Nto school too.
        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&H3A4C48&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(462,719)}Mio-chan (Age 5)\Nfrom Toyama
        Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.87,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\c&H3A4C48&\fscx50\fscy50\pos(832,719)}Satono-chan (Age 7)\Nfrom Hyougo

    2. Milkydreamer, Here is a typeset of the Episode 12 drawings page captions:

      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Viewer images Thank you,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&H67E1D2&\pos(210,132)}Thank you
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Viewer images Thank you,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&H67E1D2&\pos(645,132)}Ren
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Viewer images Thank you,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&H67E1D2&\pos(895,132)}Sawa
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Viewer Image Credit,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&H67E1D2&\pos(481,720)}Ren-chan (Age 5)\Nfrom Shizuoka prefecture {静岡県}
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Viewer Image Credit,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&H67E1D2&\pos(814,720)}Sawa-chan (Age 6)\Nfrom Nara prefecture{奈良県}
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Mirai caption,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&HFCFAF2&\frz24.66\pos(150,228)}Riko!\NLet’s take a break!\NPlay some volleyball!
      Dialogue: 0,0:24:04.90,0:24:09.91,Precure Magic 1,Typeset – Riko caption,0,0,0,,{\bord0\shad0\fnArial\fscx50\fscy50\c&HFCFAF2&\frz344.6\pos(1153,172)}These drawings…\NThey’re quite deep.

  2. We open with the dad hugging Mirai and the mother warning her about being late.

    Nice try, show. You can try all you like, you’re not gonna convince me these are competent parents after they let their daughter head off to a school they didn’t know without consulting them first.

    1. @Zerorock41, While I agree that the “jury is still out” on the issue of Mirai’s parents competency, I suggest you re-watch the first two episodes. Mirai’s actions, and then communicating only through her grandmother, did not exactly give her parents much choice in the matter.

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