Maho Girls Precure 06-07

[Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 07 [CE31D7AE].mkv_snapshot_05.38_[2016.03.22_14.11.43]

Episode 06
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 07
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Today on the miraculously marvelous magical misadventures of Mirai and Riko, our first episode sees the girls get a new substitute teacher, as Professor Isaac is under the weather. But, SURPRISE, the sub is Riko’s own sister. This… doesn’t please Riko in the slightest.

In our second episode, the class takes a field trip under the sea, down where it’s wetter, to learn how to sing from a mermaid. Oddly, the mermaids are scared of the outside world. Can Mirai and Riko get them to open up and be part of their world? Also, something something sapphic sapphire emotions.


  1. I like me them mermaids. XD
    I’m beginning to think that the Dokurokushe we are seeing is really just smoke and mirrors for someone else.

    Flying mermaids are like flying cars, I’ll believe it when it really happens

    1. So I’m not the only one who thinks that? I’m literally expecting him to pull something from the Wizard of Oz. so far we haven’t really seen him do anything. He doesn’t speak, doesn’t even move an inch. Just light shows and effects. We’re still early in though so it might be too soon to say.

      1. My suspicion is that Dokurokushe is actually Yamoh. The whole setup is giving me Splash Star vibes, and Yamoh feels a lot like Goyaan.

      2. I was gettin’ a Splash Star vibe as well.
        Though, with luck, maybe they’ll surprise us a bit and it won’t be Yamoh.


      3. While I don’t think Yamoh is the main villian, I do think that that gecko is hiding a lot of power and secrets in him and he is going to be very important later on.

  2. VictoriousImagin had tweeted: “Maho Girls 7 is done. Will be out later tonight or tomorrow morning if I pass out.”

    Be careful not to push yourself too hard: your health is far more important than any schedule.

  3. As nice as it is that you release this series… I thank you for that, but would it be possible to at least give a default subtitle track with proper English? “Whaddaya think” or how this line went (just a recent example of the sixth episode). That “slang-stuff” really bugs me… even more than obvious mistakes (translating “mikan” (orange) to melon (“suika”) while you see an orange in the picture)… or some omitted sentences (happened a few times). Thanks.

    1. Using “proper” English when these young girls are using informal Japanese when addressing each other? I don’t really agree with that.

      As for the “omitted” sentences, what are talking about? The only things I omit are things that make it repetitive. If you keep ALL of the Japanese trappings, including structure of the original sentence, it becomes a stilted and unnatural mess.

    2. I also agree with Milkydreamer about the “slang-stuff” as “Blacky” put it. The girls are using Japanese slang in the audio. Undoing that to make the text “proper English” would cause many of the subtleties the slang conveys to be “lost in translation”.

      As for the occasional error, none of us are perfect, not even the folks at Toei. The only instance I was able to readily locate of the “mandarin orange 「蜜柑」 vs watermelon 「西瓜」” error Blacky noted was also found in the Japanese closed-caption stream for that episode.

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