Rescue Squad GoGoV 42-43

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 42 [3335707C].mkv_snapshot_07.57_[2016.03.21_02.28.30]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episodes of rescue soldiers, Salamandes decides to finally make good on his constant promise and sends the GoGoV to hell. Huh. Tis the season?


Maho Girls 6 is done, 7 is being worked on. No ETA because who knows what’s going to come up at this point. But it’ll be out soon.


  1. Even though most seem to come around for the anime subs, I’m still around for the Sentai, thanks for the great subs guys!

  2. This was a good pair as Salamandes finally got his just desserts.
    Out of curiosity are the designs for the visors based on the professions of the GoGoV or are they just random shapes?

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