Maho Girls Precure 05



Episode 05
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Today on the miraculously marvelous magical misadventures of Mirai and Riko, the girls get into their first friendship spat and Riko gives Mirai the cold shoulder. And something about being moms to a fairy baby or something.

Smartome/Sumahon – This is a play on words with “sumaho” which is shorthand for “smartphone” and hon, meaning “book”. Yeah, yeah, Phone Book would probably have been more clever, but it doesn’t follow the portmanteau.

Riko’s line – I’ll admit this is sort of annoying because we typically don’t need to worry about honorific usage, but -chan is especially heinous because of context and relationships. We’re not gonna v2 this right away, but for the batch we’ll deal with that for the first few episodes. Now that Riko and Mirai are on first name intimate terms, I don’t believe this will be brought up again.


Okay, here’s the thing guys (and gals), Bikkun and I are going to be away this weekend with some friends at a con, so Maho Girls 6 will probably not be happening until AT LEAST Wednesday next week. I figured I would warn you in advance. That’s also partly the reason why 5 is kind of late. Between work and packing I didn’t have time to work on it.

My toku people: I meant to have 42 out this week, but alas… see above. When I get back from the con, you can expect 42 and 43 together.


  1. Please take your time and enjoy your leisure. We can wait patiently for magical girls. And most people like waiting for multiple episodes and watch them at once.

  2. I miss going to cons. Enjoy yourselves. Don’t go broke like I used to.
    I also like Smartome. Kinda catchy

    Another brick in the wall

  3. To me the audio late in this episode sounded as if both the girls and Mofurun were saying the infant faerie’s name as “Haaja”, not “Haa”. The seiyuu (voice acting specialist) credits at 22:17 have the infant’s name as 「はーちゃん」 (Haa-chan) however.

    Milkydreamer, Enjoy yourself at the con. If the delay due to attending makes it difficult to grab the raw, fire a PM my way.

  4. By the way, the “yuri” (actually more “Class S”) subtext is unusually strong with this series. The way Mirai and Riko interact with each other–even in the OP!–makes this all the more evident. It’s probably the strongest since Suite Precure from five years ago.

    1. Please be patient. Many of the larger conventions can last an entire week. Add on to that travel time and It could easily be a case of Milkydreamer and his/her friends not yet arriving back home.

      Since it was mentioned that packing had delayed some releases, it can be inferred that this convention was not convieniently located a short jaunt across town.

      1. Also please note the tweet feed at the right. The crew “got swamped with (real-life) work the *second* they got back from the con”.

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