Maho Girls Precure 04



Episode 04
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Today on the miraculously marvelous magical misadventures of Mirai and Riko, they meet up with their fellow classmates and get started on those supplementary lessons. Looking for a paper butterfly, Mirai wander into the restricted section Forest of Knowledge to look for it and things happen.

See you later this week with more GoGoV!


  1. Thanks for subbing this show! You guys are the best!

    But please take your time on subbing the show. I can’t keep up with all these subbed shows and don’t have a lot of free time! So please, don’t worry about releasing subs right away! It’s ok to wait a little bit!

  2. You do realize that if you just fixed the retarded “Covettor” and “Getchu Bak” lines, your subs would be almost perfect, right?

    Seriously. Stop it. Stop with these retarded Americanizations. Use the proper fucking terms.

    1. Getchu Bak is a translation for their corruption on 覚えろ, written as オボエテーロ. It’s a spell that you’re supposed to recognize the word/phrase it’s based on and derive the meaning of.

      1. Mistranslation implies they aren’t conveying the message that the original Japanese word or phrase intended. These are. Again, if you disagree with our translation choices, that’s perfectly okay! That’s the reason why we provide the script separately from the files. so you may do whatever you wish with it.

      1. Fun factoid,
        to all those complaining about the translating of the MoTW, you should look up the translation of the Original series MoTW, “Zakenna”.

        I think it would have been hella fun and really relevant if that was translated in the subs. All the more reason that their little bits are apologizing after duo beat them.

        Fun with words, fun with life

    2. @taka

      There’s an other sub group called Naisho and they subs the monsters of the week as ‘Bregrudgeon’ and the spell the villians say as ‘Getchu Nextime’ and that snail in the second episode as ‘RailSnail’. So both groups are content with translating the names, so you have four options:

      Watch Imagination Station subs

      Watch Naisho subs

      Learn Japanese and watch the raw

      Don’t watch Precure this season.

  3. Thank you for the translation effort. and this time it was released early! WOOO!
    i have to ask though, how come the file sizes got up to 500+ MB? the first 2 episodes were just on the 300+ size.

    @Taka: We should be thankful that someone is subbing The PreCure Series. they’re the ones putting in the effort in translating and putting in the subtitles.

    and the more correct term would in this case i think is “translation choices.”

    1. The episodes would wind up larger yet if Milkydreamer chose to encode direct from the 1440 x 1080 HD video captures (the file is 2.59 GB for episode 5) that the raw groups start from. One thing those raw-provider groups have cut out of the middle of episode 5 are commercials for a plush Mofurun, a mail-in contest, and a pair of MacDonalds ads.

  4. I need to say, I really like your subs. Really enjoyable. You have my gratitude for subbing. I also commend you for sticking to your guns and subbing how you feel it should be done. Many may not agree with it, but it doesn’t matter, I personally love it.

    1. Thanks. It’s cool that you found that. I can totally agree with all that from my own experiences.
      And really, if people were to consider all this, they’d realize that their precious legal subs are done with much the same considerations.

      We are the Knights Who Say “Ni!”

    1. @Josh, on most fansub sites, asking when xxx will be out will result in getting banned.

      Remember, Milkydreamer has been kind enough to share the results of his/her hobby with us. Please don’t abuse his/her kindness.

      1. No need to be sorry! You are doing this for free and i’m the one who get benefit from you. Thank you for your labour.

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