Rescue Squad GoGoV 41

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 41 [AB711131].mkv_snapshot_02.23_[2016.02.27_23.01.06]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episode of rescue soldiers, Matoi’s old friend/rival/mentor shows up at the Tatsumis’ doorstep and proceeds to one-up Matoi. Matoi sees this as a chance to show him how much he’s grown in the time they’ve spent apart, but will he really be up to the challenge? And what is Dinus cooking up behind the scenes? Watch and find out!

Episode 41 Notes:

“I’d love to see his father’s face.” – The joke here is that the actor playing Kudo is Claude Maki, son of Mike Maki who plays Mondo.


Maho Girls 4 will be out as soon as able. Tentatively, we’ll say Monday night.


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