Maho Girls Precure 01-02 v2

You've seen this before.

You’ve seen this before.

Episode 01-02 REDUX
MKV: Torrent | DDL (01v2) | DDL (02v2)
MP4: DDL (01v2) | DDL (02v2)
Script: 01v2 | o2v2

The major thing that changed is the raw source, so big thanks to herkz for providing our current raws, and thank you to K-o-R from #precure for lending us your assistance with raws prior to this. That said, there are minor changes to the script in addition to catching some typos:

Dokurokushe – This is Toei’s official romanization for… their name. I’ve also seen the character design and still can’t tell if they are supposed to be male or female, but since the romanization uses “she”, I’m going to assume female until a VA is announced or stated otherwise. The joys of working on a weekly show with non-gendered pronouns.

Speaking of weekly joys, Batty and Sparda (and I would assume the rest of the villains) use small corruptions on common words/phrases for their spells. I originally translated “oboeteiro” as “I’ll remember this”, because 覚えてろ is a common line of dialogue for villains when they lose in… pretty much any medium. But in the script, this is written as オボエテーロ, with an elongation on the te. To get the same idea, we’ve translated this phrase as “Getchu Bak” primarily because a.) it keeps with the original phrase’s intent on “I’ll get you back next time” and b.) it’s used to teleport Batty/Sparda back to where ever they came from. Similarly, in episode 2, Batty uses iidou, which is a corruption on 移動, which is movement/transfer. We went with “tranzfor” to show the corruption.

For my toku people, GGV 41 drops later tonight.


  1. Dear god please don’t do that. I can’t watch this show if the subtitles look like some tryhard 90’s slang.

  2. A Portuguese group came up with “Miracle, Magical Jewel-Ray!” (as in ray-gun, sun’s rays). What do you think? I expect it could be shared, if liked…

  3. May want to double check your torrent on the mkvs, I’ve downloaded it twice and got a corrupted files both times.

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