Maho Girls Precure 03

I've seen things...

I’ve seen things…

Episode 03
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Today on the miraculously marvelous magical misadventures of Mirai and Riko, they go shopping at the magical shopping district, Diagon Magic Merchant Alley, where Mirai picks up her supplies to attend Hogwarts the Magic Academy. And something about flames of passion or something.

To address this: Yes, I am fully aware of the mistake with “mikan” in episode 2. That has a tiny bit of a story behind it, which stems from Kamen Rider Decade of all things, and while I won’t bore you with the details here, I freely admit that was an oversight on my part and has already been corrected in the episode 2 script (which I need to retime to Commie’s raw). Orange you glad about that?

See you later this week for more GoGoV and the Maho Girls 1-2 v2s!


  1. That’s great, but I do have one concern, though: the file size of the episode at 680 MB is HUGE. Is there a way to transcode the original Commie raw file into a smaller size (say maybe under circa 380 MB) to make it easier to download? Yes, I hate to make a “downer” post but with many landline Internet users increasingly subject to monthly download caps from their Internet Service Provider, every bit helps.

      1. provides you with a perfectly workable 8-bit raw every Sunday morning. The filesize ranges from 280MB to 350MB. It’s basically what Doremi used for the previous 2 seasons.

      2. >Sunday morning

        So not only should they use your raws that look significantly worse, they should wait even longer for them? Makes sense to me.

        P.S. You can’t judge quality by filesize. Every episode of every anime is different.

      3. So you are the reason for Doremi’s horrible video quality? Good to know. Always wanted someone to blame for that. You might want to study how to make a proper encode that doesn’t jitter on every single pan.

    1. That would defeat the entire point of switching to a better quality raw. It’s physically impossible to make the file ~380MB (or whatever) without making it look worse. That’s just how lossy encoding works. Even if the original encode was super bloated, re-encoding it to make it smaller would still look worse. Now, it’s possible to start from the source and make a smaller encode, but the problem with that is you’d kill a lot of detail making it that small.

      tl;dr Not possible if you care at all about video quality.

  2. Mofurun is a girl(or gender neutered but enjoys using femenine referals), and you should NEVER translate gender neutral japanese referals to be gendered. It is a massive cultural appropriation/biasing and asshole move, IT is the correct translation not he. Translation reeks of bias and misogenistic seeding, attempting to pervert some otherwise neutral things. Bad.

    1. I’ve had many teddy bears, and they were all females. So even I would translate using the feminine pronouns.
      I imagine Mirai is much the same as me.

      Tumblr is death of society

      1. You schmucks sure know how to fall for obvious bait.
        This kind of copypasta must be really delicious for y’all to keep eating it.

    2. >misogenistic
      It’s misogynistic, patriarchal shitlord,

  3. This was an awesome episode 😀

    I love that the second costume was an actual transformation, and not just a temp power like they had in Happiness Charge.

    1. I wonder if they will get a new transformation with each stone. I think the new costumes are cuter than the first.
      Right now, this is the second series to have two transformations. Splash Star being the first.

      By the power of Greyskull

      1. Yes, they do. They’ve been advertising the hell out of the other form changes already with the merchandising stuff (and already have the listed in the character bios on the official website). There will be a Topaz form and a Sapphire form as well. They’ve made no mention of an Emerald form, but given all the talk of an Emerald Linkle Stone in the show, I can’t imagine there not being one. It’ll likely be their final powerup or something

  4. I should also point out its “Jewel Relay” not Jewelry-ey. Linkle stones, Link between worlds….
    Not gonna comment on the “i’ll remember this” crap.

    In response to a reply: I would much rather be called it (and ‘it’ doesn’t have negative connotations in japanese the way you take it(nor does it in english, but you’ve taken great offense for some reason)), its CERTAINLY better than be ping called a gender or biological sex that you ARE NOT. Its neutral for a reason.

    But everyone seems to like the new 90s DBZ fansub style translation basterdization. I will try to locate the raw source and enjoy the HD raws instead of this translation (RIP doremi) (only watching thae cause regular raws I find are like 180p quality @-@).

    1. Being called “it” is dehumanizing and certainly does have negative connotations in English when referring to people, so I’m not sure why you say it doesn’t. That said, this is why doing a weekly show is difficult especially if they don’t reveal the genders. I’m less concerned about Mofurun’s gender than I am about Dokurokushe, because until we get SOMETHING that states whether they are male or female, then translating dialogue referring to them using neutral terms would be annoying.

      Bringing something up about “I’ll remember this” line would be interesting as in the captions it’s written in katakana so I assume it’s a return spell? In which case I’m going to say that you can’t blame that one on me because 覚えてろ is a common villain line that literally every Precure villain has and will use in the franchise.

      And huh, it didn’t occur to me to think about it as relay. That does make so much more sense. Thanks!

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