Maho Girls Precure 02



Episode 02
MKV: Torrent | DDL

CURE UP! MAGI MAGI MAGIRO… Wrong show again. Regardless, on today’s episode of Mirai Potter and Riko Weasley, the girls head off to the Magic Academy to tell someone about their whole “turning into Precure” thing.

A few notes:

“Headmaster” – I chose the gender-neutral “principal” in the episode preview last week because I wasn’t sure if they were a man or a woman and didn’t want to use the wrong term. Now though, since the series wants to parallel Harry Potter anyway, we’re going to be using Headmaster for our young Dumbledore friend.

“Snailiner” – This is a simple pun. The original name of the train is Katatsumorinia, which is a portmanteau of snail (katatsumori) and liner (rinia).


    1. It looks like an orange and one of its names is the Christma Orange but it’s actually a different type of fruit entirely. The Japanese word used was ‘mikan’ and a quick search shows that while they look like oranges and can be called oranges they actually taste like honey.

      I don’t know why they chose to sub it as melon but calling it an orange isn’t completely right either.

      1. It’s a mistake on my part ENTIRELY because something in my brain made the connection that mikan = melon due to a far off memory thing. That said: people seem to be under some odd assumption that a simple mistake means our subs are somehow horrendous. We are fully willing (and are going to) v2 these with Commie raws (probably sooner rather than later considering we have an actual reason now).

      1. It is an orange… sort of. It’s a specific kind of orange that’s related to a tangerine but not quite that. Calling it a melon was an honest mistake on my part.

  1. If the tree at the magic school hasn’t [spoiler] sprouted a want in 100 years [/spoiler] that seems to suggest one of two things. Either [spoiler] Riko is over 100 years old, or she got her wand from a different tree. Since it was said there are the magic trees in all corners of the magic world. [/spoiler] I’m guessing the later.

    1. It’s implied Riko is a dorming student at the school via the Deputy Headmistress’ recitation of the school regulations, so wherever she lives in the Magic World, it might have its own Wand Tree.

    1. Rough translation of the end card
      “Hey kids!
      You can send a picture of the Mahou Tsukai PreCure to our studio, and we’ll feature them at the end of each show starting next week! Look forward to it!”
      Mirai: GET IN THE MAIL BOX RIKO! This is our chance to be on TV!
      RikO: No!! We’re ALREADY ON TV! This is referring to our fans!!!

  2. Awesome work. A little odd not getting my Precure fix from Doremi, but I look forward to experiencing this season with you guys 😀

  3. As a huge fan of Doremi-fansubs I must say that you guys did a really, really good job with the subs. I almost forgot I was not watching doremis version.
    Oh, and about that “fruit controversy”: Don’t worry about it. I speak japanese well enough to know what was actually ment 😉
    Let’s not forget that nobody’s perfect.

  4. “We are fully willing (and are going to) v2 these with Commie raws (probably sooner rather than later considering we have an actual reason now).”

    Thank you! I love your subs, but the video quality was really off-putting to me.

      1. If you are going to release v2s using CommieRaws, then I have to double my thanks for you guys. Not only are you making great subs, but will be using great raws as well. Thank you x 2.


    1. Shut uuuuuup. The things they’re “Americanizing” are puns that wouldn’t make sense to people who don’t know Japanese anyway.

      Which, y’know, is kind of who’s gonna be watching these fansubs.

    2. Oh dear lord! Chill dude. The only thing they are doing is using the exact name as the Japanese. Because that is the context. Especially for the train

      1. I’ll admit i’m on Taka’s side on this one. I personally can’t stand this americanization(seriously translating Names is an absolute NO GO for subs) and since they are the only ones actually subbing this after Doremi dropped it in such a ridiculous way, i have two options left….watch it raw or do’t watch it at all…..
        seeing as there seem to be quite a few people who don’t like this, why not just make two sub tracks, one with and one without the americanization and name changes. It’s not like they would need to completely redo the subs, just the parts that were changed. Not much extra work but everybody would be happy.

      2. Again: this is why the script is available. You may edit it as you see fit. Doing two sub tracks just increases the likelihood more typos and such get through (and Find > Replace isn’t a great way to do that kind of editing since it messes with certain line formats).

    3. 1st off: You don’t deserve a damn thing. Last time I checked, watching Precure is not a God given right.
      2nd: They are translating PUNS. Puns that don’t make SENSE in English. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE PUNS!

  6. I don’t care about most names being literally translated but I admit the “-fluff” really annoys me, we already know that mofumofu is fluffy, just go with “-mofu” and that’s it.
    Other than that, the subs are really great, keep it on!

    1. Honestly, “-mofu” would be just as annoying.

      I think verbal tics are something you go all in on (by editing the hell out of the character’s lines, filling them with puns etc.) or you don’t put them in the subs at all. Simply adding them to the end of the sentences doesn’t make sense in English and is a very strange thing to see in subs that are liberal in other places.

      1. Some ticks you can do that with. In Japanese, ~mofu isn’t taking the place of sentence endings. In cases like Squid Girl, where her desu is turned into de geso, that is one of those things where you go all in on, like we have for monsters in our Abaranger subs if they had a similar tic. Most Precure fairy tics aren’t in this vein though.

  7. I actually like having names and stuff like that translated. Id rather have something over translated than under translated.

  8. Question – why is the mp4 version only DDL? I have been using nyaa to download Precure for years now and I always got the ones that I could stream directly to my Xbox… but now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Will you please publis the mp4 edition on nyaa just like the mkv?

    Thank you!

  9. @Milkydreamer, In the translations to episodes 1 and 2, you have used “Linkle stone”.
    The more likely Anglicization of this would be “Wrinkle stone” due to the way Asian languages pronounce their “R”s (The tongue is positioned half-way between the English “L” and “R” sounds. Depending upon the surrounding sounds, the Asian positioning can sound like either. This habit tends to be very frustrating for them when they’re learning English)

    Likewise in Ep 2 at 19:32 “Linkle Sticks!” would likely be “Wrinkle Sticks!” and at 20:05 “Full-Full-Wrinkle!”

    1. No? The theme of the show is links between two worlds. Hell, the station is called Tsunagi (Linked) Station. The girls transform by holding (linking) hands. Until proven otherwise, we will continue using Linkle.

    2. Are you high right now? You didn’t get the link theme of this season? And why the hell would ANYTHING be called “wrinkle”? Do you see any wrinkles? Do you even know what wrinkle means?

  10. Yet again people seeing things that are not there, when it is just friends being friend and nothing more. Why do people want to imagine lesbian things when there is none a great deal of the time.

    1. Because the default setting is straight and LGBT people don’t get much (direct) representation in media as it is.

      Besides, what’s wrong with it? Mirai and Riko are cute together.

      1. Haruka and Michiru strongly disagree with you, getting extremely highly prominent and serious treatment in the 90s/00s, also on a magical girl warrior and seemigly hetero driven show, a later season featured gender bending/swaping/transcendent characters that also had romantic interests. Absolute tons of LGBQ representation in media (in japan). Its somewhat more unusual when it ISN’T present in japanese media these days. Of course its nice to see NON-Sexual strong life partner esque friendship in a children’s show, which incidently does cater to the Q in LBGQ (i think thats the acronym most commonly used by the vocal community there). Many many of us asexual and aromantics out there that would like to see serious friendship thats close and hand holdy without being considered sexual or having some sort of creepish romantic undertones as well.

      2. Haruka and Michiru are outliers, not the norm. I’m not going to argue about the representation of asexual/aromantic characters because I don’t have a horse in that race, but you are insane if you think LGBT is fairly represented. And you’re making quite the assumption that people that ship Mirai/Riko can’t do so platonically. I mean… they’re middle-schoolers. You’re focusing on the sexualization the fandom does.

      1. I don’t think she’s much of a tsundere, but that is a good fantasy all the same.

        on a serious note, I do wish that a real lez precure or precure friend would actually be written in to a show.


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