Rescue Squad GoGoV 39

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 39 [6F872F2B].mkv_snapshot_13.35_[2016.02.12_06.04.08]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episode of rescue soldiers, Nagare wracks his brain trying to think of a solution to the Infinity Chain problem. In order to finish off the GoGoV, Salamandes brings forth Lizardes, a dragon warrior much like Salamandes. Can Nagare find the answer to unraveling this endless loop? Watch and find out!

Episode 39 Notes:
“cooking with fumes”, etc – Kyoko goes to visit Nagare with meat buns because he’s in a rut. Here’s the problem. She uses the phrase “nitsumaru”. This has three meanings, and they use all three in this scene. She uses the meaning as “stand-still/not making progress”, which Nagare… helpfully informs her that the original meaning behind that word is the exact opposite, to be on the verge of a breakthrough. Kyoko then counters with the third meaning. The third meaning means to “boil”, but she says it like this (literally translated): “Rather than boiling, it feels like you’re overcooked”.

In my translation of the dialogue, I had Kyoko mix up two phrases, running on fumes and cooking with gas. It’s not QUITE a 1:1 translation, but I needed a way to keep Nagare correcting her and the cooking metaphor.

See you guys this weekend for Maho Girls!


  1. Yays, new GoGoV! Much thanks for providing the subs, and a little extra thanks for the note on translating, ’cause translating idiom in one language to idiom in another has got to be problematic a lot of the time, so it’s cool to see some of your process on it. 🙂

  2. Seriously, a Rider pose in one ep, a thumbs up two episodes later…its like someone was trying to hype a franchise returning in a few months time…

  3. The torrent’s not downloading properly for me. It’s been stuck at about 40% for the past couple hours now.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  4. I tried downloading it again by deleting the video file from the folder and then selecting the torrent again, and it stopped downloading at literally the exact same place (124 MB, or 40.9%). Why is it doing this?

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