Maho Girls Precure 01

This is basically gonna be the show.

This is basically gonna be the show.

Episode 01
MKV: Torrent | DDL

CURE UP! PLEASE… wait, wrong show. Welcome my friends, to a wonderful world of magic, mayhem and yuri subtext. So, let’s hop on our broomsticks, wave our wands, and say salutations to our newest duo!

A few notes:
“That sounds magi-crazy” – The joke here is that “maji” is punning of the word magic, but it also means “very/really/seriously”. So the original line goes something like “That sounds really dangerous!”.

“Ter-ruff-ic!” – The pun here is that in Japan, they recognize a dog’s bark as “wan”, while in English speaking countries, we know it as “woof/ruff” or some variant. The original was punning off of this and the word “wonderful”. We changed the line to accommodate the pun better.

“Covettor” – The MOTW are called Yokubaaru, which stems from the word “yokubaru”, to covet/lust for/desire something.

“Mofurun/fluff” – We left his name alone, but Mofurun’s name and his verbal tic comes from mofumofu, something to describe something cuddly/fluffy.

“wond-er/wand” – This is punning suteki (love/fantasticness/wonder) with sutteki (stick, referring to a magic stick/wand).

“teem-ing/dream” – The end of the phrase irotoridori (many-colored/variety) shares a similar pronunciation of dream in English.

See you guys later this week for more GoGoV!


  1. Will you be subbing the whole show? I’ve been waiting on Doremi but I’ve heard your subs for this are decent though I’m not familiar with your subgroup enough to know for sure.

      1. Awesome. Is there any reason you choice to change the monster of the week’s name rather than keep it as is?

        I’m also wondering if you could add the romaji for the OP and ED for future episodes. Seeing the English translation is nice but I like having the romaji to sing along with. I understand if you can’t but asking doesn’t hurt.

      2. Well, the MOTW names are usually linked to the theme of villains or trait they share. For example, in the previous show, Go Princess!, the monsters were called Zetsubougu which was a portmanteau of zetsubou (despair) and bougu (guardian). They weren’t cyborgs or anything. Their function was to ensure the cage of dreams remained locked away. Like I explained in the notes post, Yokubaaru derives from yokubaru (to covet/lust for/desire) and the villains are coveting the Linkle Stones. At least THIS way, English speakers will understand what the monster is supposed to represent.

        As for the romaji lyrics, we don’t typically include them, but we’ll give it some thought.

  2. If you want, just use our Romaji lyrics. If MilkyDreamer’s translating this Doremi-fansubs might step aside, since I know he/she will finish the series faster than we can do it.

      1. Nah, we don’t like wasting work.

        If possible, for episodes 2 and on you can add chapters (our raw provider in #precure is happy to provide you with raws that have chapters already. Just create a .ass file and drop it in).

        And feel free to use our pre-timed romaji for the OP/ED to make things easier.

  3. Do you have an IRC channel to get the video files from? As Doremi is having us come over here, I would much prefer getting the episodes that way over standard direct download

  4. You know, if you would stop Americanizing the names and adding in bad “localized” jokes, you’d probably be better than Doremi. So uh… could you fix these mistakes in a v2?

    1. They aren’t mistakes or errors. If you disagree with our translation choice, that’s fine and dandy, but the goal here is to let English speaking fans understand the puns/motifs here.

      1. Seeing ‘Covettor’ on the screen whenever ‘Yokubaaru’ is said might get old sooner rather than later. Especially since we have a year of this.

        Even Doremi went back to ‘Zetsuborg’ after trying out ‘Desborg’ for the first episode.

      2. You are wrong and your Americanization crap is shit. Nobody will watch your subs until you fix them.

      3. If you really do hate our approach that much, there is a reason why provide the script outside of the mkv. Anyone is free to edit our scripts as they see fit in the event they, like yourself, don’t agree with our translation of terms.

    2. The jokes exist in the anime,too. To make it silly and fun. ImaginationStation is doing a good job keeping those puns so we the viewers know why it’s funny

    3. You are complaining about puns being in the translation of a cartoon for little japanese girls. Are you for reals right now? Either watch it as-is or find an alternative. Better yet, just learn Japanese so you can be the little girl.

    1. Translating takes an hour or two depending on the episode in question, but we have to worry about real life obligations too, so the latest an episode should be is Monday night barring any odd circumstances.

  5. This show would be better served without all the puns (they really don’t help) and make sure you call it Witch PreCure, because that’s what it is.

    1. It’s not. Mahoutsukai is a gender neutral term, and it looks like they’ll be introducing a male magician next episode.

      And as for the puns, those are built into the show itself, so you really can’t complain about those. We just made them obvious to English speakers.

    2. The term “Mahou Tsukai” is gender-neutral and has the literal dictionary translation of “Magic wielder”. While “Sorceress” would fit nicely into the storyline for this first episode, it would require a lot of extra work for Milkydreamer to both translate and identify the user’s sex so as to use the appropriate version when both male and female genders wield magic.

  6. Your subs are not bad. I think the “localized” name this time is not bad, plus most of the lines translated are pretty accurate. As an added bonus, you guys also take the effort to sub the OP and ED songs, which I really appreciate.

    Hope you guys have no problem subbing the rest of the episode.

  7. The translation is perfect as far as I’m concerned, the only thing I’d change would be the RAW used. Commie are a much higher video quality than Leopard.

  8. I like the translation, thank you. I know it’s been said here, but I also think the name of the monster this season should just be Yokubaru. Even the official website calls them Yokubaru in English. I know it’s a translation preference, but I think names should always be left as is. I mean, most of the cure’s names also have significance that is lost, but they’re never translated.

  9. I really appreciate this. I thought it was cool to see someone else sub Precure. but I still appreciate the work done by Doremi-fansubs as well. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi again, Milky ^_^ Do you have a way for me to contact you other than this form or hoping to catch you on #precure?
    I’ve put together an edited version of your script (mostly just comments/suggestions, feel free to ignore or use, and a few spelling corrections, plus typesetting and romaji lyrics) with some timing corrections, added chapter marks, etc. I know it says in your FAQ that you don’t need more people, but since you said you welcome suggestions for improvement, I thought I’d do some of the work myself ^_^;

  11. I read your replies to previous commentors on this matter, and while I understand your reason for translating the MOTW, I would honestly prefer it subbed as a name. This is just my personal opinion on the matter, which I’m not sharing to criticise you. I’m merely offering it up as feedback of an audience member.

    As far as using “magician” as a translation for 魔法぀かい, you’re certainly not incorrect in using it, however I think that if you’re looking at this from a western perspective, Witch would be much more accurate. Typically in western culture, a magician refers to a performer who uses illusions and magic tricks, not a person who uses real magic. In this series, the western idea of Witches is much more prevelant given that witch hats, flying broomsticks, and black cats are key visuals throughout the character and environment design. The use of these motifs as well as the presence of real magic and not illusions suggests that Witch would be a better translation than magician.

    Granted, a magician can also refer to someone who uses magic or has supernatural ability. However the motifs still suggest a stronger association to Witch.

    Again, this is simply “audience feedback”; I do appreciate your efforts to sub the series and have enjoyed being able to watch it with English subtitles, and for that i say Thank You :]

    1. >Witch would be much more accurate.

      Except as episode 2 shows, there are male magic users. Witch almost always has a female connotation whereas mahoutsukai is gender neutral.

      1. Speaking from an etymology standpoint, Witch is also a gender neutral term, but yes in the media witches usually appear as female. But I digress, go with what you feel!

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