Rescue Squad GoGoV 37

I love Sentai.

I love Sentai.

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episode of rescue soldiers, Matoi is forced into a marriage interview with his boss’s daughter. While that train-wreck waiting to happen occurs, Pierre hatches a daring scheme to defeat the GoGoV using something called the Infinity Chain card. What does it do? And will Matoi survive the interview? Watch and find out!

Episode 37 Notes:
The return of episode notes! Or well, note in this case.

A sticking point for this episode is that, early on, Commissioner Inui states that Tsugumi is named after their firefighting ancestors. It’s not until later that we learn that she takes her name from the squad they were part of. The Inui family were part of the tsu-gumi in the Edo period. The “tsu” acts like any other letter. Think of it like Squad A, B, C,etc. So they were part of the tsu-division. That is how Tsugumi gets her name.

See you guys next week!


  1. With 13 episodes and 4 V-Cinema releades , what’s next?

    Denziman, Goggle-V. Dynaman?

    That’s the only 3 which I can see need to be done.

    GUIS is doing Changeman and Flashman, Rampage and L+C are doing Goranger, and L+C are doing Turboranger and JAKQ as well.

    If the fansubbers could get together, we could get Sentai, Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes completed and keep current.

    Would love the day all the old stuff is subbed.
    How much longer before Super Sentai are caught up?

    Been trying for over 10 years to get all of the Sentai and it’s getting close.

      1. Well, you could do all 3 Space Sheriffs. Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider.

        But the new Sentai being the 40 maybe everyone could work together as a 40th celebration to finish Goranger.

      2. I’m pretty sure no one is doing Fiveman at the moment, although that really depends on GUIS’ say on the matter (since the translator for that one is still MIA).

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