Maho Girls Precure PV

[Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure PV [E716188B].mkv_snapshot_00.01_[2016.01.11_03.37.40]

Torrent | DDL

So… yeah. We’re gonna be doing the new season of Precure weekly when it airs. This won’t be interfering with GoGoV at all, since translations for that are well into the 40s and MahoPre airs next month. Till then, cheers everyone and have a grrrrrrrreat day!


  1. I was NOT expecting to see one of my favorite toku subbers to work on Precure. So you can imagine I was shocked when I saw this on nyaa. Anyway, can’t wait for it to air. CURE UP RAPAPA!

      1. Good. I like Thursdays as it was the day of the week I was born. If you want to know yours look on a digital calendar to when your 28th birthday is.

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