Rescue Squad GoGoV 34

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 34.mkv_snapshot_02.53_[2015.12.11_18.31.14]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episode of rescue soldiers, the team finds themselves in a rather thorny situation as Baira, one of Salamandes’ minions, lays a trap for them. When they fall for it, they’re presented with an ultimatum. Will they allow the Earth to fall to destruction? Or will they make the ultimate sacrifice? Watch and find out

See you guys next week for an adventure of galactic proportions. 🙂


  1. thanks for all the hard work, just a question though when you guys do rescue another super sentai from unsubbed hell are you going to pick one or are you going to put it to a vote?

      1. You would think that Bunny Hat would have made raws for every Super Sentai, but not for Dynaman. I know it became a parody, but someone should make it right. I guess my other choices would be a complete version of Battle Fever J, like what Megabeast did, with every line translated and then go with Denjiman so that you can watch it and then all the Sun Vulcan episodes will make more sense.

      2. Well, Bunny Hat is doing the Dynaman raws just that the last two volumes weren’t available.

      3. Oh, so that’s why they didn’t release Dynaman yet. Then ,we can wait forever. It’s been a while since Fort Max started searching the last two volumes of Dynaman XD

    1. We do appreciate that you enjoy our work to sub these shows, but we wouldn’t think of putting it to a vote. We do the shows we do out of an earnest interest in them. If we DO tackle another Sentai project after GoGoV, then we would decide on what that would be on our own. You have to remember, we’re fans and are doing this out of love for the show. If we put it to a vote, it’d become an obligation and that would just cause apathy .

      1. ahh well that’s understandable, the only down side for me is that while I’m watching Go Go V I’m remembering I don’t have victory mars robo and I’m missing train car number two for grandliner, Still if I were to put down a sentai for a vote it’d be Oh ranger

  2. I say do what GUIS is doing now, go with the next series which is Timeranger. Overtime has stopped in favor of doing Garo with Kamen Rider and current Super Sentai.

    Does anyone know what happened to Harorangers because they came back and left so quickly?

      1. I see what you mean by serious encoding issues and I got to say, damn. I just hope that in the new year someone will come along and finish the project.

        Do you talk to the other fansubbing sites because Harorangers is practically gone? At least Shir told me that he moved to Japan, lucky guy, and that was why the releases stopped, but now they’re back in the saddle. Clock Up has now returned from his vacation to ensure hardsubs for Ramapage and LovexCare either and no one has gotten an ETA on the needed progress. You would think that for editing and encoding people could find the shut-in nerds who can do fansubbing in their sleep, but this proves that the world is unfair most of the time and that you have to make the best of the few gems available.

        Did that sound overly philosophical? If so thanks as I’ve been told I have some talent with words.

      1. They only have one batch and it came out over two years ago. They’ve also not completed Megaranger despite it being completed by Millionfold. I guess other projects came up and not enough help to bounce back with.

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