Rescue Squad GoGoV 27

[Imagination Station] Rescue Squad GoGoV 27 [70123A7B].mp4_snapshot_22.00_[2015.10.14_23.37.24]

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

On today’s episode of rescue soldiers, Daimon faces a personal dilemma when a child gets hurt in the middle of a battle. Feeling the weight on his conscience, Daimon struggles finding the courage to pull the trigger again. Can he move past his mistake and bear the responsibility to return to the frontlines? Watch and find out!

See you guys next time!


  1. Why are the episodes coming out on Thursdays? Nothing wrong with it, but I find it an odd choice. This was a good episode and it is always nice to see an episode that was not adapted for Power Rangers.

      1. That’s good because not much happens on Thursdays and it can give us start on the weekend to. Also I was born on a Thursday so that was why I found it a coincidence. By the way do not ask what Xeta is because I hope to get into the Toei franchise.

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