Rescue Squad GoGoV 01-25+Movie

That's it. That's the show.

That’s it. That’s the show.

EDIT: This show is now licensed. Links removed.

We’re back from the dead and ready to rescue another show from unsubbed hell. Unlike our bouts with Abaranger, GoGoV is… more or less very straightforward, so there really isn’t any need for episode notes, most of the time anyway.

Having said that, there are a few general series notes. The villains for this series are called the Saima (災魔), which literally means “disaster demon”. We decided to create a portmanteau for it and settled on Catastrophiend, which combines the words catastrophe and fiend.

Unlike the Abaranger Trinoids, which took their names from the items/concepts that went into making them, the Catastrophiend Beasts in this series don’t really have a set naming pattern. Sometimes they’re in English, sometimes they’re a portmanteau of English and Japanese, and there are even a few that are solely in Japanese. Because there’s really no consistency, we left the names as they were.

As per usual, we included the font we used for this release alongside the script for those who already have the raws (great thanks goes out to Bunny Hat Raws for providing them).

One last note: the movie should be watched after episode 18, so a particular scene will make a bit more sense.

Enjoy the first half of GoGoV and we’ll see you guys next week for the beginning of the second half! And remember: SAVE THE EARTH, SAVE THE LIFE.


  1. Great to see the group back and the show. Personally I think the show loses a lot of steam post-Grand Cross but it is interesting what happens from then.

  2. ty so much for this show imagination station means so much to me to see the 90s shows that i grow up with as power rangers and get to see them as super sentai keep up the amazing work

  3. The first show I ever help with subbing on. (for an entirely different group) Sadly I only did like 2 episodes as a QCer before those guys disappeared from off the the face of the earth. It’s nice to see it being worked on again and I really, really loved what I did see of the episode. Thanks for rescuing it from from the unsubbed bin.

  4. Thanks for the sub ^^ been waiting for a long time to have gogov subbed . By any chance is there a schedule when the second part will be released ?

    1. Hm? We’re 44 episodes into the show. Why would we drop it now? I know people dislike hearing (or really, “reading” would be more accurate) this, but it’s true: Real life is a thing. And it’s not just me. The show is basically done, translation wise. It’s just the editing and such. We’ll finish, don’t worry.

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