Dynasaur Squad Abaranger Batch


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Well, after a few months of on/off editing and distractions, we bring you the entirety of Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger: in batch form! The torrents probably will take a while, especially since I don’t have access to a seed box, so if you could, please help seed.

Some notable edits include terminology (Viliform > Maliform, Ryoga/Yukito/Ranru’s rollcall to include the “baku” pun) and some grammar/typo fixes.

All of the notes from the episode releases have been reformatted (and in some episodes, a few more notes have been added) and compiled into an html file and is in both the MKV and MP4 batch torrents. I added a link to the file for those simply getting the scripts.

For those just getting the scripts, I’ve added the fonts we use to the rar, so all you have to do is install them (if you don’t already have them). This is the font we use in all of our releases, so if you have this installed, then you’re pretty much set for us. I’ve added a link to the fonts for anyone who isn’t getting the scripts, but still wants it.


  1. For the record, whenever you make a torrent, replace “udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce” with “http://open.nyaatorrents.info:6544/announce”. Otherwise you get the same (Status Unknown) error on nyaa you’ve had for all your releases so far.

      1. Weren’t there two special videos, though?

        And it figures; it took me the past three days to download the single torrent for Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, and now there’s a batch that updates everything and will likely take even longer given how huge it is. And I’ll probably need to delete the current files I have on my hard drive first…

  2. Will you be releasing a way to patch the old version to produce the new version rather than downloading the whole set all over again?

      1. Here’s the syntax of xdelta3 to make a patch – http://pastebin.com/uexJThPw

        So for example, making ep1 patch would be like:
        $ xdelta3 -e -s “[Imagination Station] Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 01 [7B20373D].mkv” “[Imagination Station] Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 01 [34D3586D].mkv” “Aba1v2.patch”

        then upload and “release” the “Aba1v2.patch”

        I don’t mind making patches for all the episodes you’ve released. I got the v1s already. I’m in the middle of downloading the v2s.

      2. Yeah, sure. I can make them. But would it be alright to ask for your email address so that I can send them to you directly? I think it would be better you host them rather than me hosting them then eventually my account goes haywire & I forgot about it then you have no access anymore.

  3. So how about the Tsuri Baka Nisshi anime episode that crosses over with Abaranger. There’s an Abaranger episode where the anime character crosses over, and then there’s the anime episode where the Abarangers cross over. Is that anime episode included in this batch? If not…well, I may have a DVD arrive soon that has that episode. I would need to find a way to rip a video file from it and then I could send it to you guys, if you’d be willing to sub it. Let me know! You can email me if you want to talk things over there.

      1. Good news! Got my DVD today! Yeah, to be honest I haven’t even watched Abaranger yet (save a random couple of episodes from other fansubbers). But I just downloaded your full batch a few days ago and am looking forward to watching all of it! Anyhow, again, without actually having watched it yet, a quick look at Wikipedia shows that Abaranger ep. 26 (釣りバカアバレ日誌、どもども) is the crossover episode there. And episode 31 (釣りバカ仮面VSアバレンジャーの巻) of Tsuri Baka Nishi is that crossover episode, which I did just watch. I don’t know much Japanese at all, but it was funny, complete with a giant monster (well, fish really) battle, but no mecha. Anyhow, I’ll try to rip it and I guess post here once I do? I can email you the video file assuming I am successful. I’ve never ripped video before.

      2. Goodie! Obviously we did ep 26 (as it’s part of the main series for Abaranger), but I had no idea the crossover went both ways. That’s pretty cool. Let us know how your video ripping venture pans out.

  4. OK, so my computer is pretty weaksauce apparently, because when I tried to make an MP4 out of it, it was all pixelated and choppy. So I had a friend try on his computer. The program he used decrypted the video as VOB files. It basically split the entire DVD up into evenly sized VOB files. So, the actual episode is split up into 2 files, but that 2nd file has extra footage on it (part of the next episode). So yeah, it needs some splitting and combining to make into a nice single video file. The VOBs are about 1 gig each. I’m trying now to convert them to another format and get them into one file. But, you probably are more savvy with this stuff than I am. Do you want me to send you the VOB files for you to convert? Or would you rather I try to make an AVI or MP4 out of them?

  5. LOL. OK, so I managed to convert the VOBs to AVIs. Then I edited out the excess stuff (DVD intro, other episodes) and got it down to a 268K AVI file. It’s not perfect. There’s a short pause about 15 min in where the 2 separate files were merged, but the episode is complete (except for the next episode preview which I cut since it didn’t have anything to o with Abaranger). So anyway, I’m ready to email it to you! You can email me at the email I provided to be able to comment here and I’ll send it to you ASAP. I hope you enjoy it and consider subbing it to add to the Abaranger batch!

  6. Did you ever get the updated encode from my Dropbox of Tsuri Baka Nisshi? Or did you decide you weren’t really interested?

      1. Do you have an ETA of when GoGoV will come out?
        i cant wait. i look at this page like 4 times a day so i dont miss it 🙂
        i have been waiting for over a year to watch that show

    1. According to the torrent, currently there are 17 seeds for the MKV and 12 for the MP4/M4V torrent. I don’t have access to a seedbox, so I apologize if it takes a rather long time to acquire.

      1. No worries. Just wondering what is the status of the torrent that’s all.

        This is actually the last series before i officially have 15 years of Sentai.

        God i hoard too much.

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