Express Squad Toqger vs. Kyoryuger the Movie

Huh, imagine that.

Huh, imagine that.

Toqger vs. Kyoryuger
MKV: Torrent | DDL

So, just one question: Why couldn’t the kid-Toqgers be like… the entire show?

EDIT: I see some confusion about our choice of translation for Zyuden as “Dinocharge”. And well… it’s an accurate translation, honestly. Yes, OT’s translation of Voltasaur is clever, but that really only works for Zyudenryu. It doesn’t fit Zyuden by itself. Zyuden (充電), normally, means “charge”, but in Kyoryuger’s case, they switch the first kanji so that it reads 獣電, with the kanji for beast. Of course, the “beasts” that the Kyoryugers partner with are dinosaurs. Literally translated, it would be “beast electricity”, but Dinocharge tells you what the team is about. Just because PR uses it doesn’t mean it’s instantly a bad tl of a title. Same with Ninja Storm, which can be a viable translation of ninpuu.
Update on the Aba batch: finals edits are up to episode 42. Batch should be up by early-ish April.


  1. Oh my word, that was quick. The release was only yesterday, so I certainly didn’t expect such a quick sub. Thank you so much!

  2. It’s about to get wild! How I have missed you, dino dudes.

    You guys are insanely fast. I wasn’t expecting this until summer.

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