Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 48


Episode 48
MKV: Torrent | DDL

EDIT: Whoops. I forgot about Bracchio’s lines.

Episode 48 Notes:
Bracchio’s Line #1 – “You’re not alone! Everyone is coming-bra!”
This is from Captain Ultra’s second opening theme, “Uchuu March” or “Space March”.

Bracchio’s Line #2 – “You shall live on in my heart-bra.”
This is from an insert song from Kamen Rider X, “Boku no Riderman” or “My Riderman”.

We’ll see you guys next week for the finale.


  1. Hi,

    When G.U.I.S. released their batch for Kakuranger, they also included a plain html document that included all their individual episode notes for the series. Could you please consider including a similar document with all of your episode notes for Abaranger? Pretty please?

  2. I’ve seen the episode before with the usual bad hk subs. Seeing this version was like seeing it for the first time. Thanks again for the awesome sub.

    1. Our immediate project is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. We have other projects in mind, but we don’t want to say anything until it’s ready.

  3. I come here to finally catch up on Abaranger now that it’s finished and I find the song that plays during Riderman’s fantastic sacrifice and christening as the 4th Rider towards the end of V3 being attributed to X.

    Fairly sure that’s wrong, unless there’s another track with a shockingly similar name that somehow plays in X, which Riderman didn’t even appear in.

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