Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 46-47 + Dino Guts Video

Mikoto: I'm better than you. Obviously.

Mikoto: I’m better than you. Obviously.

Episode 46
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 47
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Dino Guts Video
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Welcome my friends to Abaranger’s endgame. The five rangers finally stand united against the Evoliens… mostly. Mikoto still needs a bit of convincing.

A note about the Dino Guts Video: This technically is totally non-canon to the show, as it shows a different origin for Abare Max than in the show. It was technically a vid to build up hype for Abare Max prior to him actually showing up on the show, so this technically should have been watched before ep 31. That said, I didn’t acquire the raw for this until recently (a big thank you to PR Media for releasing it). Nothing particularly new inside. But enjoy it regardless.

Episode 46 Notes:
“Love, O Maiden… for life is short.”
The trinoid is quoting a song from 1915 called “Gondola no Uta” or “The Gondola’s Song”. This particular lyric is popularly used in dramas.

Dragondorchid – The trinoid for this episode is named Dragondoran. Based on a dragon, a gondola (hence the above reference) and ran (an orchid).

The magic spell – If it seems familiar, that’s because it’s the first verse of Reje’s song from episode 29. The anagramed one. It’s a cute little nod.

Bracchio’s Line – “The answer lies between those who destroy and those who protect.”
This comes from Kamen Rider Kuuga’s OP.

Episode 47 and the Dino Guts Video don’t have notes.

See you guys next week!


    1. We released Act 1 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon a while back so we’re
      going back to that. We have other plans in the works, but spoilers~.

  1. thanks for the episodes 😀
    may I suggest maybe some uncompletely subbed other sentai?
    please think about it, if and when you got some time

    1. Ohranger is being subbed weekly by MFC, Timeranger is under OT’s domain, and GoGoV… well, it’s HS’s project. We do have an idea or two after Aba, don’t worry.

      1. I dont think HS has been active for quite some time judging by their links (a site that no longer exists).

    1. Haro’s translator for Hurri, HeatMetal (of OT), has recently been translating Hurricanger. Not sure how far he’s gotten, or when Haro will start releasing, but there you go.

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