Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Wars (feat. Super Sentai) – Heisei ver.



Kamen Rider Wars
MKV: Torrent | DDL

So, here’s a fun surprise. We don’t really handle Kamen Rider (at all), but we figured we’d do this movie since team-ups are always mindless fun. That said, if you liked Decade and/or Faiz, you’re going to like this movie. Plus the fact that the Toqgers are in it doesn’t hurt matters. So kind of topical. So yeah, enjoy guys!

We’ll be back in a day or so to bring you more Abaranger later~.

(Oh, and because I was an idiot, I forgot the CRC for the MP4, so if you want that it’s: 253BB86B)


      1. Can you link the raw, in that case?
        (I’ve been looking for the japanese script since it came out)

  1. Hmm… I would’ve preferred it if Over-Time or Aesir had subbed it for the sake of consistency, but I suppose I’ll have to take what I can get…

    Also, what do you mean “Heisei version”? I know there was a poll where viewers could decide whether the Showa Riders or the Heisei Riders won the battle, but did they actually release both versions?

  2. That movie was really great, much much better than I expected. Seeing Fujioka doing his pose was really great.

  3. Whooooah. I wish I kept up with you guys better. I’m watching the groups who usually do Gaim and ToQ and patiently awaiting this and it turns out you guys had it out a whole month ago almost!

    And I’m glad to know if I liked Faiz I’ll like this movie. It was my first Kamen Rider and its ending was both bittersweet and open-ended. Even if none of my questions get answered, your first is always special and it’ll still be nice to go home again, one more time.

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