Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 30-31

It's so bad.

It’s so bad.

Episode 30
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 31
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Max excitement. Max power. Max hype. This week’s two-parter introduces Ryoga’s power up in the form of Abare Max. Quite a few interesting things happen this week, so enjoy!

Episode 30 Notes:
Bracchio’s Line – “Wait-bra! Live-bra! I’ll definitely make it there-bra!”
This comes from the Rescue Sentai GoGoV OP.

Episode 31 Notes:
Coupling Berserker Crasygishia – The name for the monstrosity Voff is making is Barugigenia. Which is a corruption of the word for crayfish (which is what this is based on). Michela mishears this as “harumaki mania”, or “spring roll mania” but we changed this to reflect the translated name and to keep the mishearing joke.

Not many notes this week. See you guys next week!


  1. Thank you so much for this!!
    I just simply love you guys for subbing abaranger… so keep it up!!

      1. Hahaha. Neither I nor my partner have seen Dynaman, so I highly doubt we’ll ever do it. Abaranger is our main concern, and then PGSM will be. We do have a few ideas after PGSM, but it’ll be a while before we tackle those.

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