Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 28-29

I feel for you man. I really do.

I feel for you man. I really do.

Episode 28
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 29
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Things are heating up this week. First, Asuka fights off a rather devilish Trinoid kidnapping brides and we get a scene that frankly surprises me how they got past the censors.

Afterwards, Reje and Dr. Nakadai go out for a day of fun and relaxation and absolutely nothing important happens. Totally.

Episode 28 Notes:
Prescribalsameleon – This Trinoid’s name is Shohousenkameleon. Made up of medical prescriptions (shohou), impatiens flowers (housenka) and a chameleon (relying on the cha sounding like ka).

“How about a taste of Ozu?”
This is going to require some explanation. Suke’s refering to Yasujiro Ozu, a famous Japanese film director and screenwriter. He was born in 1903, so the 100th anniversary of his birth was during Abaranger’s airing time, which was in 2003. Suke and Emmy are actually parodying one of Ozu’s more famous works, “Late Spring” (which in the episode itself is “Late Summer”).

Bracchio’s Line – “Our hearts ignite-bra, and now they burn-bra!”
This comes from the Strikeforce Sentai Changeman OP.

Episode 29 Notes:
Copeppotter – This Trinoid’s name is Rakkopiiman. Made from a sea otter (rakko), a copy machine (kopii), and a green pepper (piiman).

This Trinoid has a voice ending quirk as well. He ends his sentences in “manpii”, which is “pepper” flipped backwards. We used the word “pepper” in different variations to show this.

“Green, Green”
Telefatsidile is singing snippets of “Green, Green”. The full song, if you want to listen to it, is here. The original version of which is this.

Reje’s song:
This also requires explanation. The first verse of her song is actually a scrambled (yet somewhat recognizable) anagram of an actual sentence. The original sentence is written as: “アイナイータ ナハリドノーレ,ウインニメナ イルーヨノ”, which is: “あなたはどれいになるの, いいなり うんめいよ” or “You will become a slave, doing as you are told is your fate.” I couldn’t think of a particularly good way to handle this, translation wise, but I decided to just flip the words backwards. It’s odd because the rest of the song is normal and straightlaced.

Bracchio’s Line – “As the ancients say, “Life has its ups and downs”-bra.”
This really doesn’t come from anything specific. Bracchio is just doing a general quote and proverb.

See you guys next week!

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