Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 21

In which Telefatsidile discovers he has an S&M fetish.

In which Telefatsidile discovers he has an S&M fetish.

Episode 21
MKV: Torrent | DDL

So, if you were wondering what exactly happened to that odd Trinoid from the beginning of the Abare Killer episodes, this episode answers that! As for why this is a single episode release… well, the next couple of episodes are a two-parter. But we’ll get to that when we get to it.

Episode 21 Notes:
Telefatsidile – Yatsudenwani is made from a fatsi plant (yatsude), a telephone (denwa) and a crocodile (wani).

Mr. Telefa – The gag here is that Yatsude could also theoretically be a real name. (For a bit of fun trivia, telefa is an old Ethiopian tradition which is “marriage by abduction”… oddly perfect for this scenario.)

Bracchio’s Line – “You are being targeted-bra.”
This comes from Electric Sentai Denziman’s ED, “Denziman ni Makasero!” or “Leave it to the Denziman!”.
See you guys next week, for a silver screen adventure!


  1. thanks for subbing this series always wanted to watch but for obvious reasons havent…

    i just wanted to ask though, why is it that excellent sub groups such as yopurself and GUIS etc. go to the trouble of doing this and then use an MKV codec that doesnt seem to work on anything but computers??

    i have a lot of mkv files and the only ones that never work on my stand alone players are sentai and anime? is there a special codec youguys like to use or something?? its quite enfuriating.

    also why no mp4 torrent?

    i really dont want to sound ungrateful as i am VERY Grateful…..

    its just questions that need answers! 🙂


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