Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 14

That time Ranru almost killed a man.

That time Ranru almost killed a man.


Episode 14
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Only one episode this week because the very next episode begins a two-parter, and I’m not demented enough to intentionally split two-parters. Still, this episode is really heartwarming and sweet and reveals a bit about Dinosaur-Dynasaur evolution.

Episode 14 Notes:
Resurrection – The Giganoid this week is based off of Mahler’s “Resurrection Symphony”. You can listen to it here.

Abaren-Ohlmost – This one’s a funny little thing. Since we decided not to translate the mech names for our subs of Aba, this provided an interesting dilemma. Abaren-Oh translates to something akin to “Rampager King”. In the episode, Ryoga notes that without Ranru and Ptera, they can’t exactly call an incomplete giant robot “Abaren-Oh”, so he gets the brilliant idea to call it “Abaren-Ohji”, or “Rampager Prince”. Since we weren’t translating the mech names, we went with Ohlmost, because… well, it’s ALMOST Abaren-Oh. Just minus the Ptera helmet and chest piece.

Bracchio’s Line – “We will fight until the very bitter end-bra!”
This comes from Dimensional Warrior Spielvan’s opening.


  1. Would have preferred if you’d released 3 again like last time, but still nice. Thanks for the hard work 🙂

    1. Now now, let’s not get greedy.

      We have to stall until the school year ends and we can blast through the rest of the show, after all. >_>

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