Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 09-11

Hey, Miss America pulled it off well.

Hey, Miss America pulled it off well.

Episode 9
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 10
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 11
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Since this week was going to be the release of 09 and 10 anyway, I thought I’d throw in 11 too, mostly because otherwise it would be a single release next week, since the teens in Aba love two parters and hey, an episode past 10.

Oh, and I’d probably get shot for not mentioning this, but episode 10 for Abaranger is something many a Dino Thunder fan knows about, since it was the episode that eventually aired as “Lost and Found in Translation”.

Episode 9 Notes:
Sweetolivanisquid – The Trinoid this week is… kind of different in that he’s made from a plant, an animal, and a concept rather than inanimate object. His original name is Kinmokuseikamikakushi, from sweet olives (kinmokusei), a squid (ika) and the concept of mysterious disappearances, or being spirited away (kamikakushi).

The Trinoid also has a cute little verbal tick with “de geso”, which is common for squid-based characters. Like this. So I pretty much followed suit and translated it into sea animal puns (squid if possible).

Bracchio’s Line – “Separate, we may be small. But together, we are invincible-bra!”
This comes directly from the Battle Fever J opening.

Episode 10 Notes:
Ursankshroom – This one is similar to Bakudandelion all the way back in episode one where the Japanese made this with two words in English. But it relies on pronouncing it in Japanese. His name is Bankumashurumu. Bank (banku), kuma (bear) and mushroom (mashurumu). I couldn’t fit bear to either word, so I decided to go with ursa. I’m not completely happy with this, but what can you do?

Bond o’ Bucks – The original Japanese is 金縛り (kaneshibari), which describes people who are bound to their money. Literally slaves to it. Since our guest of the week is named Bucky Bonds, we decided to handle this translation this way.

Bracchio’s Line – “As long as we have love, we will fight-bra!”
Oddly, this one isn’t a song lyric, but rather a catchphrase. Masked Beauty Poitrine’s catchphrase to be exact.

Episode 11 Notes:
Sugarhinocychic – This Trinoid is terrible. Original name is Tensaikikku. On the surface he’s easy: sugarbeet (tensai), rhinoceros (sai) and psychic (saikikku). Unfortunately, as you’ll notice during the episode, being a genius (tensai) is sort of his thing. We decided not to try and bend the name backwards to further accommodate this pun. Plus we figured the psychic part probably covers it well enough.

Bracchio’s Line – “If one has dreams, and if there is a tomorrow, is that not enough-bra?”
And this line is from Space Sheriff Sharivan’s opening.

“Only geniuses can predict natural disasters!” – Puns will be the death of me. What he’s originally saying here is “Natural disasters can hit when you least expect them!”. The joke here is that natural disaster (天災 tensai) and genius (天才) are pronounced exactly the same, so he’s equating himself to a natural disaster in his unpredictability. Hilariously, this same pun is done in the Sailor Moon manga, so the choice of translation actually comes from the official release of said manga.

See you guys next week!


  1. Could you give us an update on how Abaranger is right now as far as timing, translating, and QCing, and just how many are complete and ready for release?

    1. Well, I do the timing and translating at around the same time, so yeah. We’re about to hit episode 40 in translation and timing. Final edits have been done up to 13. 14-35 (including the movies) are waiting for QC, since they got tl checked.

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