Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: The Great Dinosaur War

Show me your brave heart.

Show me your brave heart.


MKV Torrent | DDL

Tangentially Abaranger-related, but still. Thanks to Gust for making the raw available! (And my friend who pointed out the script in said raw). Nothing much to say about this movie, release-wise. Enjoy it! The MP4 will be up probably later on tonight/today.

DINOSAURS (and spies).

See you guys later this week for more Aba!


  1. Well, I would have wanted to see it anyway, but the tangential Abaranger bit just makes it that much sweeter. 😉 Much thanks!

    1. Honestly, I didn’t want to use Voltasaur because… while that is a good translation of Zyudenryu, it doesn’t really do Zyuden by itself justice. Zyuden literally means “Beast electricity” while punning off the word juuden (charge). So honestly, Dinocharge is closer to the meaning.

      1. I think its kinda cool that you utilize Dino Charge, considering the Power Ranger adaptation of Kyoryuger is Dino Charge. Maybe someone working on the show felt the same was as you regarding the translation of zyuden and zyudenchi.

  2. I think I’m going to wait for Over-Time’s sub of this… I’m surprised they haven’t gotten to it yet…

    By the way, I’m assuming there’s no sign of Burai or Mikoto… And I’m also remember hearing that Geki, Ryouga, and Yukito are the only Zyurangers and Abarangers to appear untransformed. Which is weird, because we first got word that the Zyurangers would be appearing from the actress who played Mei in Zyuranger, though the rest of them might simply just be voiced by their original actors…

  3. ‘Show me your brave heart.’ Nice. Very nice.

    Forgive me for being an ignorant puke, but will this script work with the Blu-ray raw as well?

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