Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 03-04

Might wanna look in a mirror darling.

Might wanna look in a mirror darling.

Episode 3
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 4
MKV: Torrent | DDL

This week we have 2 adventures for you all. In the first, Ryoga struggles to balance his duties as an Abaranger and being a visiting father for Mai and we get some really sweet moments with Tyranno. I actually really like this episode, because it really shows you how off the wall wacky Abaranger can be while still being heartwarming. It’s a nice balance to strike.

In the following episode, Ranru helps a boy with frightening low self-esteem issues. It’s a fun and cute episode too, but I don’t have that much to say about it, honestly.

Episode 3 Notes:
Dezmoparamecia – The big bad’s name comes from two unicellular organisms. A desmosome, and a paramecium. Hence his name.

Dynadelion – They actually tell you what this Trinoid is made up of in the episode directly. The original name for this Trinoid is Bakudandelion, and he’s made up of a bomb (bakudan), a dandelion, and a lion. This is one of those names that’s oddly hard to do in English because two of the ingredients are already in English. We went with Dyna for the beginning of his name because the other options weren’t all that appealing (As hilarious as Boomdelion would’ve been).

Bracchio’s Line – “I’m a bit clumsy-bra…”
Bracchio’s line for this episode is the odd one out in the entire set, as it’s actually a line said by Ken Takakura, a Japanese actor, in a Nippon Life commercial (it’s an insurance company). This is pretty much the only one like this, the rest are either proverbs or song lyrics. But enjoy it for what it is.

Episode 4 Notes:

Sniperavint – The Trinoid this week is Hakkarasunaipaa, made up from a mint plant (hakka), a crow/raven (karasu) and a sniper (although it relies on spelling it as sunaipaa). I’m relatively happy with how we handled this one.

Bracchio’s Line – “Strength is love-bra.”
Bracchio’s line for this episode begins the song lyric motif. It’s actually quoting Space Sheriff Sharivan’s ED, “Tsuyosa wa Ai da” or… “Strength is love”. A bit on the nose there, but still fun.

See you guys next week!

EDIT: A kind anon brought it to our attention that we got one of Ranru’s lines wrong towards the very, very end of episode 4. And honestly it was major enough to warrant a v2, because it actually had to do with her hobbies. (But seriously, she wears that thing as a hobby?) Episode 3 is perfectly fine, so no worries on that front. The script, DDLs and torrent for episode 4 have already been changed. It’s the same directory, so for those of you who have downloaded the torrent, you already have episode 3 so it’s mostly just replacing episode 4.


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