Dynasaur Squad Abaranger 01-02


Episode 1
MKV: Torrent | DDL

Episode 2
MKV: Torrent | DDL

So. I started working on this little project of ours back in December. I actually started translating this mostly because a few friends of mine really liked what they saw of Abaranger enough with the… um… often nonsensical HK subs that were available. So I decided I’d do something about that. For those of you concerned with us dropping off the face of the earth, don’t worry. We have a little over half the series done already (as of writing this post, we’re working on episode 34). This is primarily why I wanted to wait to start releasing what we had so we had some leeway just in case I couldn’t work on an episode each week. With that said, we have enough for weekly releases for quite a while, so now I can concentrate on finishing the back half of the series up without worrying about it too much.

These releases are done with Bunny Hat’s encodes of the series, so if you already have the raws, just grab the script up there and go to town. ^-^

It doesn’t apply to these episodes particularly, but when we start seeing the Trinoids, I’ll have a little blurb in every release to explain what the three things the Trinoids are made of and how tricky those particular names can be (some of the Trinoid names just make me want to throw my comp at the wall for how hard they can be to make them work in English).

Another fun thing that doesn’t show up in these beginning episodes (but does starting next ep) is Bracchio’s one-liners. I didn’t know of this until yet another friend of mine made me aware of it, but the majority of Bracchio’s one-liners prior to the mecha battle every episode are actually either exact or slightly paraphrased lyrics from other tokusatsu songs. Mostly. I think there’s a few proverbs in there too. And a (slightly paraphrased) quote from an actor.

Lastly, I noticed a few people had some issues with the font with our one-off Toqger release a little while ago. This uses the same style as that, so for those of you who don’t have it, I recommend installing Bell Gothic STD Black, as that’s pretty much the standard font we’ll be using for all of our releases (Link for convenience: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bkx37nquk05mhzl/BellGothicStd-Black.otf )

I will admit I haven’t actually seen Gao Soul Forever’s subs of the VS. movies myself, but my partner has and he’s the one who recommended we use the “Dynasaur” translation of “Bakuryuu”. Once I heard it, I instantly agreed. I mean really, it’s practically perfect in every way. For those who want clarification, Bakuryuu is written as 爆竜, which uses the kanji for “burst/blast” and “dragon” respectively. Obviously, the in this case doesn’t mean dragon, but it comes from 恐竜, dinosaur. So a literal interpretation of this is something like Burstosaur or Blastosaur. I also like Dynasaur because it matches the team attack, Dino Dynamite. XD



I guess you could say we have interest, yes.

See you guys next week!


    1. That was an issue with the overscan. We finally figured out how to fix that, so it should be corrected for the batch release when everything’s done.

  1. Oh, and to keep the font thing from being an issue, you should attach them to the mkv. (in the mkvmerge GUI, this is done in the “attachments” tab).

    You’ll want to make sure you include any variations (regular, bold, italic, and bold italic) that the script calls if at all possible. The subtitle renderer can make its own bold, italic and bold-italic from the regular version of any font, but ideally that should only be used when that font version doesn’t exist.

  2. ‘Dynasaur’ eh? Interesting choice.

    Funny story, when we were working on Abaranger like 2 years ago I got all pretentiousy and spoke to a friend of mine who speaks Greek on what he’d recommend for ‘Baku’ (since the Dino in Dinosaur is also derived from greek).

    and the word we decided on was ‘Deinamos’ or ‘Dyna’ for short. Though by this time our releases all used Burstosaur so we stuck with it rather than changing midseries.

    In any case cool 😛

  3. OMFG… this is great guys.
    Finally someone is gonna sub this great show:)
    Just one question… are you guys gonna release two episodes just like this one or are this gonna be only one episode every week?

    1. Two per week with some slight exceptions (taking two-parters into account and other things). But the first couple of releases will be 2 eps a week, no worries. ^-^

  4. Why don’t you just release a batch with the first 33 eps and then work on the following episodes? You know, kinda like what GUIS did with Kakuranger?

    1. Because I don’t want to be in a position where people are going to be asking ‘When’s the next Abaranger?” Because I don’t know when college is going to hit me like a brick with school work or midterms, so to avoid a wait like that, I’m doing weekly releases so it’s consistent.

      1. But it’s 33 episodes, not 7 so I think there wont be as many people asking for it? Are the 33 eps complete or are they just rough drafts?

      2. The first 11 episodes are completely ready for releases. 12-34 are translated, but our tl checker hasn’t gotten to them just yet. (So yes, we’ll be working on 35 soon).

      3. Then I say this. We should have some sort of vote as to who wants a 11 episode batch and who wants a weekly release.

      4. The only reason I’m not comfortable with a batch like that is that it would put more pressure on our tl checker to rush (his schedule is more hectic than mine), and I don’t want him to rush through the episodes and miss anything, because I do want to keep this weekly.

    2. Also will you guys be subbing ALL of the content in the Abaranger Bunny hat raw batch? it would be nice if you did.

  5. woo hoo!

    thank god you guys showed up when you did! if I had to be stuck with HK’s awful translation and video quality, I would have cried!

    so thank you so much!

  6. Hei, thank you very much for doing a sub project on Abaranger. But would you please not upload it on Mega?

    1. Mega is the easiest and fastest way for me to upload DDLs. Other sites either don’t work well or take forever on my end. That said, I wouldn’t mind if someone else uploaded DDLs and commented on the releases. Probably should adopt OT and Aesir’s policy regarding that.

  7. Acccessing Mega is so hard by phone. If only I had a computer I wouldn’t mind you upload the whole episodes to Mega. I hope there is a kind person who will upload the series to other sites like Sendspace.

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